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New Biker (hopefully)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by shabba, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone I am a brand new biker ! (hopefully). I'm doing my lessons at the mo and onto my 3rd lesson on saturday and im loving it
    ! I tried to start biking years ago but had a awful experience with a school.

    Ive actually managed to get a suzuki gs500
    Im learning turning at mo, and slow riding (how Hard!) Be nice to get someone who could mentor me when im not having the lessons, but im loving it. The lessons are once a week, in the gold coast. I live in Brisbane

    Just wondering if anyone has tips for the lessons.

    Looking forward to hearing from any of ya ! i cant wait to be out there! but im sensible and taking at a good pace and not rushing

  2. welcome aboard shabba. tip for the day: enjoy the lessons and practice plenty. c u in the forums and hopefully one day soon on the roads. x
  3. Welcome Shabba. No tips just take it all in, if the school is any good they will get you through the basics. Then the real learning starts :)
  4. welcome mate, there is a mentoring thread in the new riders section, ask there for a mentor
  5. Welcome to NR David. Theres also quite a few good threads about technique .. not just the fun stuff but also U-Turns and other slow stuff too.
  6. Ah thanks oz yoda I'm just so eager to get out there but bike sitting in garage and I can't physically ride yet as not trained enough yet and also legally can't very frustrating. Shame nobody near can mentor!
  7. Welcome Dave
  8. Welcome David. Great choice of bike too. Enjoy your lessons and have fun mate :)
  9. Hi Shabs,Are you Gay?
  10. What does where he chooses to stick his *cough* "rooster", got do do with Riding a bike?
  11. Depends what he rides.And what he hides.
    *hi shabba*
  12. Well I don't hide nutiin and ride a Suzuki gs 500 , and I'm very happy yes thanks ;) u visiting from the other dimension blabber?
  13. HAHAHAHA- how ya going shab and G'day.
  14. I'm good blab and am looking forward to my lesson on Saturday
  15. Hi Shabba, welcome and enjoy the ride!! Take your time in learning and take your time in getting to where you want to. Everyone does things at a different pace, dont try to ride beyond your capabilities, I tried it once and got a clip over the helmet by some carers here on this site, and very grateful for it believe me..
    Blabba, man you need to come out of your shell, honesty, have never read such a timid into lol
    You color the place up I must say lol have a nice weekend all...
  16. Thanks for yer advice goddie I'm going as slow as I can ;) hehehe just eager ;)
  17. Ignore him Shabs,not sure which Goodie he is. Tim or Bill I think.