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new biker from Brisbane!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lynchy226, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Hey netriders.

    Long time lurker first time poster, gota say this is one awesome forum.
    supppose I'll tell you a little about myself ;)

    I've just turned 19 years old, and started riding about 6 months ago in may- purley as a commuter. I was attracted to the idea of riding as an alternative to spending 80$/week for petrol (insert profanity). After a few minutes/hours of riding however i realised how (more profanity) awesome it is and am craving my unrestricted licence, and riding buddies!

    I am the only person in my family, and the only one of my friends to own a bike (against their relentless protests, i might add ;)) and my quickly growing passion has led me here.

    After I got my licence I bought a CTX200 (ag bike :p) which i think may have been a bad call, (Not that i havn't had a few awesome off-road adventures in it) and am stuck between waiting 6 months for my unrestricted or selling my ag and upgrading now, but thats for another thread :)

    So anyway, happy to be here! Hope to see you all out there ;)
  2. welcome bud, dont rush into the supersport bikes, u dont relise how much more power they have, bloody insane, take your time in learning with what u have.
  3. aha ty for the caution.

    I wont be ggoing anywhere near a 600 :)() for at least 6 months.

    I'm riding pretty much every day and have outgrown my little CTX. I want to go a little faster than 80km/h and join in some group rides and progress my skills.
    should i wait 6 months? or sell my ctx and grab maybe a zzr250?
  4. if u only have 6 months left, save your money for the 600, your only 19 bud, u got a whole life ahead of you, no need to rush into things
  5. thats the plan :) ty ;)
  6. There are some bikes (like the suzuki SV650) which are learner legal, so that you can ride them straight away and only need to derestrict at the end rather than buying yet another.

    If you did that then you could do group rides and gain experience on a sports bike before the sudden jump to excessive power.

    Otherwise just wait, its probably not worth getting a 250 only to find you want something bigger in a couple months.

  7. Hi from another Brisbanite.