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New Biker chick

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AmBam, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hi All!!!

    Just wanted to drop a line and say gday.
    Just starting out...getting the bike on Saturday :LOL: and cannot wait to get out there. Hope to catch up with you all on the roads!

    Happy riding. :grin:
  2. Congratulations and welcome aboard.

    Montrose? Lots of great bike roads there.
  3. It's the gateway to heaven :grin:
    Probably one of the reasons why I've taken the plunge. Watching the 600s go by on the weekend...it looked like the best fun in the world.
    But I'll be keeping away from the twisties for a fair while. Not even close to ready.
  4. I started my career 17 years ago in Belgrave. The roads out there are great but there's plenty of dangerous ones too.

    The biggest cause of fatal accidents out in that neck of the woods is going in too hot and running wide.

    Remember - in slow out fast is the old school law of racing..... and it makes even more sense on the road.

    Have fun the first time through devils elbow :D
  5. Welcome to the clan :).
  6. Congrats,

    Another local for tuesday coffee's

    See you there
  7. Yep...no worries...I'll be there!
  8. Welcome...

    to hell!!!!!!

    soo lucky to be soo close to all the best roadsni melb.... jelous
    see you around a few coffee nights :)
  9. Welcome AmBam :grin:
  10. Welcome to world of riding.. :grin:
  11. Welcome Am, get along to one of the learner rides over summer, i'll be running some in Gippy. Keep an eye on the calender.
  12. Good on ya, i'm always out and about ur area just cruisin thru, top place to be, love those roads althought they're a bit too tempting lol. If you're heading in for a coffee night, let me know and i might tag along.

  13. Hey baby
  14. Well well! Tickle me pink & spank me quick, is that you girlie girl? (if it is...) How fantastic is this!!! :dance:
    I love the fact that you got your own bike! I'm so proud of you, let me know if your coming along to a Tuesday
    coffee, I'll even come get you if you want. :grin:
  15. Hi AmBam. :)

    That's what I call a welcome! :dance: :rofl:
  16. From one newbie to another,

  17. It sure is matey...hows it going?!
    I picked up my bike on Saturday and I'm hooked!!!! Love it!
    Got a black Hyosung 250 and its preety gutless...but I love it!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    I'd love to come along to Tuesday coffee at some stage...count me in!
  18. See, when ya get spanked by another Netrider...that's when you know you're really welcome! :cool:
  19. Well if you want to get spanked by Netriders then the Tues night coffee is the one to come to :LOL:

    Welcome and hope to see you at the Tues night venue a friend of Boo is a friend of mine
  20. what about me it isnt fair ive had enough now i want my share.

    ohh shit this isnt the karoke thread.

    ah well spank me too