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New Biker Chick - zoom zoom

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by eve, May 20, 2008.

  1. Another new-b signing up and entering my rite of passage for the bikey initiation :)

    Wanted a bike for years so I thought - what they hey - You only live once! right.. Next thing on the to-do-list is get a tramp stamp to match my leathers.. hehe (classy).

    I’ve bitten the bullet and got my L's (will go for my P's once i get the counter steering thing down pat) - can it really be that difficult?

    Living in the west - cant wait to get into group rides!

    see you on the road! (i'll be keeping left!)
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    Everyone loves a bikie chick.

    Welcome have fun with your new toy and I'm sure i'll cya at a group ride soon

    Ben :)
  3. Welcome to Netrider dude! We need more of us girls out there!
  4. Cat

    No kidding!!!

    Girls will soon realise what a great accessory it is - sexy too!! I rock up at the club, take my helmet off, shake the hair out - oh yeah - whose ya daddy!!!
    Then i look at the bike and see my 'L' plate and .. buzz kill.
    L plate kills it man!

    Already cant wait for a bigger bike!
    R6 is HOT.
  5. Guys dig chicks on bikes

    Even if they don't say anything - you know what they're thinking.

    My boyfriend gets comments on "how cool" it would be if their girlfirends rode, and he loves the looks I get (sometimes - I'm not gonna pretend it's constant).

    I'm totally faithfull - but it does alot for my ego when I ride alone and make a stop somewhere, EVERYONE looks.

    Never in your life will you be approached more than when you're riding alone.

    ...oh, and riding bikes is fun too...
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    welcome to NR.
    R6's do get quite hot, particularly when they fall over and their flimsy, cheap-arse petrol tank1nQy72y6lU8[/media]] ruptures.
    you would look much hotter, and ride faster on a honda ;)
  7. How far out west? :LOL:
  8. Errr... Halfway between geeeelong and melbourne
    Hoppers x for now...
  9. Hoppers? I'm down that way twice a week. If you see a goofy headed dude on a blue Hornet... flash ya tits! :wink:
  10. Um... No... i'd rather eat my own toe jam!
  11. Haha charming! A wave will do then :)
  12. hahah - had to get it in there!

    A wave for sure!

    Do you know why people on sports bikes nod to each other?
    I'm facinated by it.... i feel like i've joined a family!
  13. Hello and welcome! More girls, more love. Less guys, less ego :p

    I hear that chicks always tend to get noticed/looked at by other riders, but it doesn’t happen to me on the road. It's sad because that's WHEN i want to be noticed to avoid being hit. The only time i get stared at much is when I park my bike, forget to take off my helmet, and cop stares from random dudes and dudettes. :shock:

    Otherwise when I DO remember to take it off, I feel like a bug when random guys stare at me like I’m from outer space. :eek: Makes me want to poke my tongue out at them actually. Freaky stuff.
  14. That's basically it :) You're one of us now. Don't nod to BMW riders though :wink: Definitely nod to scoots and scare them... big bad biker nodding at them....
  15. Thanks Yian! *note to self - no nodding at BMW's*
    What about cruisers?? They dont usually nod at me... :cry:
    Are there any unwritten rules - for example - since I'm an L plater, I should initiate nod?

    I dont nod at scooters - i shake my head at them because they usually dont wear protective clothing!! I saw a chick with a suit and heels the other day!! 'tut tut'.
  16. Doesn't matter who initiates the nodding. Even if the other party doesn't return it.

    I nod to cruisers too... unless they look like a hardarse bikey gang harley rider. Those guys just dont have any sort of reactions ever. Just a permanent frown whilst riding.
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    Oh please - Is this the same as the old holden v's ford arguement but biker style? Honda v's yamaha...
    Your loyalty is commendable - but ... the R6 is still hot. :p
  18. Not just sportsbike riders, nakeds, tourers, motard riders etc too! :grin:

    Re: the Holden vs Ford comparo, it's a bit hard to put that analogy, as Honda is often seen (and acknowledged) as being the undisputed leader in Jap build quality. (before I start another flame wars, NOT talking about performance, 'personality', or anything else!!)

    And what are you talking about anyway, you ride a bloody Honda, you're meant to agree with joel!! :LOL:
  19. And what are you talking about anyway, you ride a bloody Honda, you're meant to agree with joel!! :LOL:[/quote]

    I didnt pick my bike - it choose me!
    But yes... a honda girl.
    Anyway your right - its a crap analogy. passion is passion.
  20. I've always thought that the nod was an acknowledgement of some sort... Riding bikes is like a bug that makes you feel good, makes you feel happy and a nod is like saying "ahhhh.... You've got the bug too!"

    I've had one nod from a harley-lookin' thing, not sure why... I was so suprised that by the time I realised it would be polite to respond we'd already passed each other! I'm not a nazi with the Harley's - I don't mind the old (as in ancient) choppers - just not the shiny stuff. This could apply for other things also but, if it's naked and dirty, I'll probably like it...