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New Biker Boy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Levos, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys!

    My Name is Nick, I have been reading different topics on the forum for a few months now and decided to sign up. A little bit about me then I got my L's a month and a bit ago and have had a deposit on an 08 Ninja 250R almost as long! hehe!
    I will take delivery of it tomorrow and as you can imagine am quit excited!!

    Still have to buy the majority of my gear as I dont want to ride around without it. Going shopping this weekend... Yeah....!

    Will post up some pics when I get the bike!
    Iam venturing here and away from 4 wheels as I have been into Cars my whole life! Still loved the bikes.... but heard too many stories about the dangers of riding! So steered clear.... untill my some of my mates got into it!
    And now iam with them! heeh! !!!

    Iam excited to meet some of you guys and start learning about the world of biking! well more that what you can learn from "Torque" the movie n e way! ahah!

    Anyway..... see you all tonight @ the Tav!!!
  2. Welcome :)

    I personally won't be at the Tav tonight unfortunately.. still running about 39.1 degrees (I know, what am I doing on the computer?)..

    See you around though :grin:
  3. Welcome Levos, i will see you tonight at the tavern, as well as when you pick me up on penshurst street to drive me to the tavern, lol
  4. Welcome to Netrider, and the joys of two-wheels :).
  5. Welcome,Nick.
    Enjoy yourself here. :grin:
  6. Welcome in, Mate.

    The more the merrier.
  7. Heya dudes!
    Thanks for the welcome!!!

    Went to the tav the other night and saw a few people!

    Oh and got my bike on thursday night!! YAY!
    Clocked up 260km's on it already! hehe
    1st service is coming up sooon!!!!
    Just gotta keep running it in!

    Oh and I think iam addicted to 2 wheels! heh!
  8. +1, welcome

    Cheers Lou
  9. howdy n welcome
  10. I dont think i have enough msg's to post pics!!!
    This sucks! heeh!
    Have to go around spamming for a bit!
  11. OK, Finally got enuff posts so here are some pics guys!

  12. That top pic.. doing mccarrs without me? ass! :LOL:
  13. New Ninja looks great!

    Welcome to NR!
  14. Hey Phizdog! You will have to come out with us Biker boys one time! ahah!
    We should organise a massive Nth Beaches meet sometime! ahahah!

    Would be crazaaayyyy!
    Get All the biker boys out! heeh!
  15. hi and welcome to NR
  16. Oh and thanks Spots! !! heheh!
  17. biker boys eh?
    does your club permit you to post here?

  18. Welcome to NR

    Take it easy out there, care for your bike and it will care for you.
  19. Thanks guys!

    All my mates have just started on Bikes, so we are all rolling 250's!! hehe!
    L's action!

    Also...... Did some mods to my Bike on the weekend! heeh! Fender eliminator and seat cowl! So it looks a bit race now! heheh!
    Will post up pics shortly!
  20. Hey guys!
    A little update....... and I know you want pics!
    But Fitted up the Yoshi pipe on the weekend! Sooooo good to have some sound out of the bike now! hehe!
    Totally changes the experience! heheh!

    Will post pics as soon as my comp at home is sorted!