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New biker, 71, died of excitement

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/6767457.stm

    A 71-year-old man died from excitement the first time he went out on his new motorcycle, says a coroner.

    John Parsons, a retired engineer from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, suffered a heart attack on his 125cc Honda and fell into the path of an oncoming car.

    The bike was delivered the day before and he was "very excited" about riding on it, the Cardiff inquest was told.

    Recording a narrative verdict, coroner Mary Hassell said Mr Parsons suffered a heart attack while riding his bike.

    The inquest was told that Mr Parsons had wanted the bike for years but his wife Myra had prevented him buying one.

    Miss Hassell said Mr Parsons had wanted to ride the motorbike for so many years "and when she was alive his wife had put a stop to it, as wives often do".
    When she was alive his wife had put a stop to it, as wives often do
    Coroner Mary Hassell on John Parsons' earlier desire to buy a motorbike

    But after her death from cancer last summer, he went ahead and bought the machine to comfort himself.

    Recording a narrative verdict, Miss Hassell told the hearing: "He went out doing something that he had wanted to do for so many years."

    The hearing was told Mr Parsons suffered chest pains which caused him to wobble and fall under the wheels of a Range Rover on Five Mile Lane at Bonvilston in the Vale of Glamorgan last September.

    Range Rover driver Stephen McKay said: "He came off and slid under the wheels of my car.

    "There was nowhere I could go. I didn't stand a chance."

    Miss Hassell said: "The excitement was too much for his heart. He went out doing something that he wanted to do for so many years.

    "In some ways, what a way to go."

    Gotta take my hat of to the bloke though.
  2. Let that be a lesson to all wives, grilfriends & partners.

    Poor bugger though.
  3. What?! That you don't even have to crash it for a bike to kill you???
    Dude, shutup!

    A new study has found that men who ride motorcycles are more likely to be loyal and loving partners, researchers say. In addition, the men who received regular blowjobs had better vision, balance and reflexes on the road.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: sounds like a study many would be willing to particiapte in.
  5. if anyone is looking for volunteers for another one, im in!

    But thats quite an ironic story.... im sure hes up there in heaven right now getting the "i told you" treatment from his wife hahahah.
  6. He's in Valhalla now. As the coroner said, what a way to go.

    Vale dude.
  7. Positions Vacant:
    1 x Blow job provider.

  8. A mates father of mine had been riding motorbikes all his life. Four years ago at 81 years of age he rode his 350cc yamaha from Melbourne to his farm and crashed into a truck and was killed. Coroner could not find any medical reason why he hit the truck.
  9. :applause:

    Die on your own terms, with a smile on your face!
  10. Absolutely. Better to go out that way than sitting in some nursing home wearing a nappy and drooling I reckon.
  11. Let it be a lesson to all of you who make fun of 125cc machines because they are too slow and not exciting enough!
  12. That lesson being don't buy one till you're over 70 :p :LOL:.
  13. Good on him. He'd lost his wife but was determined to live his dream.

    He's a legend in my book... lets hear a toast guys.....
  14. No, that he should have got the bike years before............
  15. I always love this old cliche- "He went out doing something that he had wanted to do for so many years."

    He'd wanted to suffer massive heart failure for many years?
  16. its been on my to do list, if only to get out of my exam tomorrow. non-fatal variety prefered though
  17. My condolences. May he R.I.P.

    He was just trying to get some excitement in his life.. a bit too much.
  18. If you're 70 and have done everything else, why not save yourself up for heart failure?
  19. I want to die of old age...(here comes all the jokes) Shut up all you young farts...or natural causes
  20. I can see that happening. My heart still pumps a bit faster every time I hit the kick start.