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New Bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Turnip, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. I had my third attempt at my open license on Monday (made a few stupid mistakes cos I was a bit nervous the first few times). This time the examiner said he couldn't find anything to mark me down on, and I can control the bike better than he can. Instructor said if I'm looking for a job in 4 years time to give him a call.

    Amazingly, my helmet still fit afterwards, so the next day I rode down to the dealer and took a Triumph Bonneville for a ride. Whoever designed it must have been exactly the same size as me, and it's the most beautiful bike I've ever seen, so I came back today and put a deposit on it.

    Just have to wait for the funds to clear and for them to assemble it. Good thing I'm a patient person...

  2. Congrats! Good going mate :)
  3. Congrats. Best feeling when you get on a bike and it just clicks.
  4. Congrats mate !!!
    Waiting is half the fun .. :?
    Whoever said that is a moron, I'd be counting the minutes :LOL:
    Enjoy & Stay Safe.

    I've never known anyone to feel good about a flat battery mate :p
  5. That's a nice jump; a 28 year old Honda to a brand new Triumph!!!
  6. Congrats, i have a soft spot for the bonneville , especially the green two tone t100 imo its probably the best looking classic you can buy. Enjoy.
  7. Triumph Bonneville ....enuff said... love the feel and looks of that bike :)
    congrats and hope to see some pics when u get the bike ... :)
  8. Nice one Turnip, always liked the look of the Bonnie. Enjoy. :)

    Oh and make sure you post some pics or Ktulu will kill you. :LOL:
  9. Nice work and Congrats!! :grin: Good work on the bike too. Enjoy. :cool:
  10. Was waiting for that you smartarse :p
  11. Yeah, I bought the Honda cos it was the cheapest bike I could find (even after factoring in the drive to Kalgoorlie to pick it up) and I was a poor IT technician at the time. I'm a youth worker and bible college student now, so in theory I should have even less money, except I work 2 days a week driving a tow truck and make more than I used to in IT in a whole week, so I figured I'd rather borrow the money and get the bike I want rather than maintaining a bike that I don't really want.
  12. Picked up the Bonnie today. Took it back to the office to show it off and let the girls sit on it (one of the guys tried too and burnt his leg on the exhaust - forgot he's not a rider and I should warn him). After a very productive meeting where I discovered just how much I really have going on in the next month I took the rest of the afternoon off and went for a ride out to Jarrahdale.

    I'm still taking it really carefully. The throttle's kind of twitchy and it's not run-in yet, but it's an awesome bike. It's kind of like a big dog - sits there quietly with nothing to prove but it could tear you to pieces if you're not careful.

    I'll get some photos up as soon as it's light enough.
  13. See that you do, squire.
  14. :wink:
  15. That's a great looking bike, have fun on it! :dance:
  16. :grin: Great look'n bike mate, enjoy!
  17. Oh congratulations! I'm looking forward to the sydney bike show so I can see some Triumphs up close!