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New Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Saturday morning I picked up my new weekend toy;

    Such excessive power, I haven't really been past 7000rpm but its the low and mid range pull that I bought it for. Never owned a honda or an i4 before. Such a smooth linear ride. Linear is the best way to describe it. Mega user friendly bike, I feel very comfortable with it after a few hours in the saddle. I bought it for a fantastic (high 5000s) price range, its a 2k model with non cafe racer kms on it. Still looks immaculate.


    1 tooth down on the sprocket makes for extra big grins and extra brown underwear. I took it up to RW on the weekend straight after picking it up an hour earlier. Pulled over by highway patrol just before getting to the mobil. Wasn't speeding but the officer wanted to find something to do me for. Asked me a bunch of questions then gave me a defect notice for the indicators being too close together (someone link me with to the ADRs please?), which they are but an hour after purchase you'd think I'd get a bit of slack (I told him and showed him purchase papers). No fine, just need to get it signed by anyone who does pink slip inspections. Need to get some more rego this week as it runs out soon anyway, so I doubt it'll cost me much extra, if anything. Jake you don't happen to have your stock blade indicators? :p

    All in all, very happy with this purchase =D Rides like new, its the same weight as my SV but double + 10hp. One thing is for sure, this is not a bike you can commute on! If you don't have a decent stream of traffic the temp gets to 100c pretty quick. So it'll be strictly a weekend bike.
  2. dam thats a sweat bargain you got there .. enjoy!
  3. Congrats, nice bike :cool:

    So you now going to the Island?

    And on the indicators, AFAIK, 30cm apart
  4. Yeh sweet bike, looks real good for its age, lovin the little stubby muffler too. I would buy that if i saw it.

    Congrats on the toy :)
  5. BARGAIN!!!. yeah 30cms appart for indicators...dw i got done just after purchasing my bike too...sucks eh?
  6. Soooooooo, how will this effect the "Phizog Factor"??? :LOL:.
  7. Thanks

    Can't afford to go now :LOL:

    30cm, thanks that does sound right. I wonder if they have rules about how fast they can flash.
  8. yeah congrats... what an awesome looking bike... and so CHEAP!!! It's unbelievable how over priced the cbr250rr go for when you can get a 900cc for the same price
  9. Welcome to the I4 club phizog :wink:
  10. very nice looking bike jared!!! :p
  11. Very nice mate, i've been lookin at perhaps a cbr954rr when i get my opens in around 5 months. Such a sexy lookin bike :)
  12. Congrats mate !
    What a bargain, looks great, and best of all .. it's a Honda
  13. Looks nice!

    What is that in the blue tarp behind the first shot? Old bike about to get buried?
  14. Yup :LOL:

    Its for sale biatches, someone buy it! Needs a good home.

    'litre' bike or no, I'll still be crawling around with the L platers :wink:
  15. Congrats!! Would love one of them after sitting on one last week. So comfy.
  16. Very nice bike mate, well done!

    Don't worry to much about the temp, my MV gets over 100c in traffic but it stabilises and doesn't boil over. I rode it to work today, don't be afraid mate :wink:
  17. Nice Ride Phiz,
    That will get you from A to Z bypassing all in between, treat her nice with regular oil, filters, plugs etc and she'll return 1000's of K's of pleasure
  18. Congrats dude love the bike, welcome to the world of power wheelies and sphincter clenching!
  19. They do, I think it has to be between 30-120 times a minute (don't quote me though)

    Sweet looking bike :)
    I'd say I can't wait to get one of those, but really I'd settle for being able to ride anything atm (still saving :p)
  20. Nice one mate!

    Don't worry too much about the temps though, it'll keep it under control. I had my VFR up to 116 last summer... which was a bit scarey. You'd be fine unless you're revving it in traffic on new years day... or something...

    Fantastic price too! My gf complained we could have bought a new car for less than my viffer...

    Just moved out to Homebush but let me know if you have any rides planned and I'll try and make it.