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New bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Well almost a month ago my DRZ-SM was flogged from my house while i was in sydney spending time with grandpa before he passed away :mad:

    After dealing with the police and insurance i have been given the go ahead to go bike shopping and i have decided to get a more road focused bike compared to my old motard (it sucked for highway and trips longer than 100-120km)

    Anyway i have organised my new bike so i thought i would post up some pics.

    03 CBR600RR
    Yoshi Slip on
    Flush mount indicators
    CA tail light



  2. Is that an underseat exhaust?

    Ride it in good health.
  3. bad luck about the stolen bike and sorry about your grandpa :cry:
    but the new bike is sweet,nice choice.
    however,after reading a recent post about legalities of 'fender elliminators' im wondering about the the rear of the bike.no light,reflector,guard..?
  4. yeah underseat yoshi mate
  5. Yeah the back end is illegal but i got the factory bits with the bike if i have any trouble.

    Down here in tas the cops dont seem to pick on stuff like that to much, my DRZ had a F.E. and never had an issue in the 12mths i owned it :wink:
  6. AWESOME!!!
  7. AWESOME mate!!!!

    .. sorry to hear about your GrandPa, and the assholes that stole your bike.
  8. Did you really need to ask that ... lol

    Nice bike though. Obviously better if you are travelling on the freeway ...
  9. Well you just about bought the sexiest bike you could find, eh?

    Good stuff.

  10. Anti-soccermum rocket launcher.
  11. Very cool and nice to see a fellow rotary owner with a Honda (except yours is a real Honda!)

    How did you find the power going from your Motard to this - was it an easy transition or does it scare the sh*t out of you?
  12. Niiice. Bet it sounds great too. :)
  13. Great looking bike. I've heard a yoshi on those cbrs before and its frkn magic :D
  14. There are fake ones???? :shock: :?
  15. :grin:

    Dam that is one Sexy 600. Glad with all the sad/bad stuf that has happened to you something good has happened too.

    Now go enjoy :wink:

    CBRs are just a blast of a road machine.
  16. yeah! i was having a dig at my bike - NSR150SP :LOL:
  17. Nothing wrong with em! :)
  18. I'm so freaking jealous mate. Looks mint. Ride it in good health.
  19. Cheers for all the kind words, im in love with it and the spending bug has already started (CF rear huger, CF front fender and HID kit coming from the states :p :LOL: )

    Ktulu im glad you approve of the post, im not silly enough to put up a "new bike" thread without pics to show off the new toy

    Cheers mate.... umm well powerwise there in two differnet leagues. like the DRZ was a 12A EP compared to the CBR being a 13BT making 280rwkw lol There is a big difference but in saying that its just a matter of not getting carried away and not grabbing a fist full of throttle without thinking about what your doing.

    The biggest thing im getting used to is the speed and remembering im not on a tard so i cant just go flying over gutters and shit.... i need a motard with CBR power and then i will be all good JK It did scare me once when i flat shifted first to second and it kicked me hard back in the seat (lucky the pillion seat is there to stop you sliding anywhere :LOL: :shock: ). It was like being kicked in the tail bone (im now gripping with my legs more now :LOL: )

    i will post more pics when the new parts arrive
  20. This was the one on e-bay yeah? If it's half as good as my '07 600rr you'll fcking love it.