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New Bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oliver, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Woohoo!!!
    Got my first road bike last week, an 07 VTR with less than 5000k on it in almost perfect condition. After only having ever ridden dirt bikes before this is a pleasant change when on the bitumen.

    Hopefully the attatched pics work.


  2. looks clean as, congrats.
  3. Nice bike, and a SUPER photograph!
  4. Just one thing, wheres your chain guard?
  5. Yea I noticed it didn't have a chain guard aswell....but that should be an easy item to get. I love the blue VTR's, thats the colour I really wanted but had to settle for black. Enjoy your bike, they are heaps of fun :)
  6. Took the guard off to clean and adjust the chain.
    Yeah, was originally looking for a black but then this came up a price I couldn't let go so I grabbed this one - and I am now very happy with that I went with the blue.
  7. Fricking bikes with aftermarket accessories.. SCREW YOU ALL!!!!

    (no there is shit all for GPX's, unless i look overseas)

    LOOKS GREAT MATE! and if the price is right you can always get the colour changed.
  8. is it the standard one or the SP ??

    nice looking piece of kit either way

  9. Standard model

    Whats an 'SP'???
  10. Very nice, I'll be keeping an eye out for you on the roads. :wink:
  11. Well done!! :biker:
    This one should bring a lasting smile to the dial!\:D/

  12. Nice bike, mate - and a TOP shot!

    Thanks for not wasting all our time by being a new-bike-having-non-picture-posting-homo :)
  13. VTR- the best 250.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Mate top photo of your new beast, really well done on that photo. Top colour that blue, same as my VFR, such a standout.

    I love these little bikes, so good to ride, I learned how to put my knee down on one of these in a carpark :LOL:

    Oh! And go a pipe a Madaz/ Megacycle or something, will make it sound amazing (Like a little duke!), the little twins really thump with a can on them, you won't be disapointed :)

    And they also have lots of sprocket options standard from dealers, with a 520 chain to get that extra go if you need it or just want a cheap play around (unlike CBR250s and such).
  15. I had a megacycle on mine - It was great. :) Very cool sound.

    Only gripe would be that the black-steel headers have a jarring transition to the chrome finish of the exhaust and muffler, but that's nothing More Money (or in my case, a bit of road grime) can't fix.

    I do love the warning, "VTR250 requires some cutting of the original exhaust" - Yeah, you lop the entire muffler off of the old exhaust system. :)