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New Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by virtual_circuit, May 17, 2008.

  1. Got my new bike last night, picked up all my gear this morning, and spent the entire day riding round the backstreets of strathfield, and then headed up and went around olympic park with my roommate (both only just got bikes). Feel like we are picking it up alright, managed to only stall it once in a traffic jam, and by the end wasn't even thinking about blipping for the gear changes etc. Just need to practise always doing headchecks etc, forgot to do a few when pulling off (luckily olympic park is pretty empty). Can't wait for tommorow want to keep practising! This forum was heaps good after browsing around for a bit i decided the VTR250 was the bike for me, lots of great information :p

    I am on the VTR250, mate is on the GPX250.

  2. Both grinning like Cheshire cats :LOL:.

    Keep up the practice, guys, only riding teaches you how to ride.
  3. Looks great, I am deciding between exactly those two bikes at the moment,

    since you have had them side by side,

    what would you say the pros and cons between each of the models of bikes?

    I have ridden a VTR in my lessons but haven't ridden a GPX although they seem just as highly recommended "as a learners bike"


  4. id go the vtr 250 any day over a gpx.

    ANY DAY!!
  5. Can you tell me why?

    I have only ridden a VTR in the 250 class so don't have much to compare it too

    Will be on a GS500 next week


  6. Not doing Q-Ride through Team Moto, are you? Same progression I had, VTR250 or CB250 first day, GS500 from there on.

    Now this is a personal thing I imagine, but I'm heading straight for a GS500 as a first bike. Much nicer to ride than the 250 IMO. :grin:
  7. I am doing a Q-Ride but through TK's in Toowoomba. No street expereince to full license in three weeks :dance:
    Yeah going from a VTR250 on the first lesson, more for their piece of mind that I could handle a bike I think (also for mine as I haven't ridden on the streets before)

    and then they have a few GS500's for the unrestricted licencees.

    Would love a GS but finding a GS in my price range will be my problem, that's why I was asking about the GPX's they are so cheap. Will be daily commuting but only for about 15km each way, and most of that at 80-100 km/hr


  8. Congrats and well done. I"m still peeking on the adrenelin from my first decent road ride :)
  9. its nice to so ATGATT
  10. Do you have one????

    I have a GPX and i love it. its got plenty of grunt for a 250 about mid range really, its good on fuel, riding hard as i can i still get 325k's to a tank not the near 200 the VTR gets, with a good set of tyres on a GPX you can lean just as far as most top 250 sports bikes, its comfortable on long rides, the only down side is the suspension is not adjustable. but that hasn't worried me.

    ohh and the GPX is cheaper i got a 06 model for aprox 4k with 6 thou on the clock.
  11. Mate I get 300 km before reserve on my VTR and I'm 6'4" and 100 kgs!

    Back on topic, congrats virtual_circuit. Great choice of machine, enjoy. :)
  12. hey mate bike looks great. being a learner as well, nothing is more exciting than the first long ride.

    getting things down pat comes pretty quickly. i've done a few 100 - 150k rides now and most of the things we were taught comes naturally.

    i also try to practice at night in car parks as much as i can. doing the tight slow turns and even trying some emergency breaking and swerving. you never know when you're going to need it and also makes you more familiar with what the bike can and cant do.

  13. Yeah went for our first long ride the other day out to palmy and back again via Mccarrs Creek, i grew up out in Newport so stopped to say hi to some people and grabbed lunch at the deli on the main strip. Then we went all the twisty bits up over bilgola plateu and then the back way through whale beach after hitting palmy, and then through the back of newport and back up Mccarrs Creek.

    Was a good ride, really though i was winding it out fast through the bends, till i saw 4 sports bikes appear behind me in about 5 seconds flat!! Gee they were fast, i waved them through and they where aweseome to watch as they flew off. Caught back up to them after a minute or two as they all got stuck behind a convoy of cars. Definatly was cool to watch how they ride, and felt good to really wind the bike out compared to the cramped up streets in Sydney. Started off slow but by the end had more confidence and was taking much better lines through corners. Still have a lot to learn though.
  14. People can give you opinions all day long but in the end they both are great learners bikes, buy whichever you think feels the most comfy and looks like something you would want to ride. Don't bother getting a new one you can pick up something less than 5 years old at a reasonable price. I bough the VTR cause i through it looked cool and it felt comfortable. My mate bought the GPX because he liked the look of the Kawaka and it was the right price and comfy for him. Don't worry about which is fasteranything like that cause in the end it is still just a 250 and the main objective is to have something fun to learn on, and will resell for a good price when you upgrade.
  15. thanks, sounds like good advice


  16. What year VTR is that!?
  17. 2002
  18. Congrats virtual_circuit.....great choice!!!!

    My mate and I got our learners the same time too and look forward to every weekend!!!

    Enjoy and ride safe mate.