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New Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by althasaur, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. wohoo...

    I picked up my new kle500 today... and just for klutu, here is a pic,


    So far I have noticed that I can not put the side stand down while I am sitting on the bike, Need to try to firm the suspension up a bit.
    As far as I am concerned it goes well when it is in the correct gear.
    I think that they are spaced a bit to close together.
    But I am happy with it.
    Waiting on a bagster tank bag and givi top box for it to come. Tank bag is coming from france.

    I will post more when I get the chance...
  2. Nice work :)

  3. [​IMG]

    I think it is more viewable like this ;-) Lightened and sharpened.

    Try to get some light on it when you next shoot...


    Trevor G

    PS It looks like fun.
  4. Thanks Trevor, took the photo last night after I got home from a birthday party.
    Will take some more out in the sun later... :D
  5. Now that is a sexy adventure motorbike :)
  6. Nice bike! Congrats

    Full review expected shortly :wink:
  7. :grin:

    Nice bike too! Looks like it'd go anywhere... some good tar-dirt touring for you sometime, perhaps?
  8. These are a bit of a cult bike overseas. Looks the goods, now just needs a coating of mud :grin:
  9. Hope to get it a bit dirty soon.
    Just managed to get garmin working on the nokia so going to try a few tracks soon.... :)

    Did not manage to get to ride it today :(
    But as I am using it to commute and with this rain...... it sill get some mud soon...

    Any one know any easy tracks to try?
  10. Parramatta road ,should give it a good test :LOL:

    Congrats on the new ride :grin:
  11. Congrats, nice bike

    Same engine is popular in Europe for couriers, so should last you a while.

    They have a six speed box, so are close ratio, and are meant to be revved out a bit before changing (but of course run it in first :wink: )

    Plenty, I don't think I've had any luck getting netriders on dirt, tried a few times though :p

    Try St Albans Rd from Wisemans.

    Do you know Kulnura on the way to Wollombi from Peats Ridge? Plenty of easy tracks from there - get yourself a copy of Central Coast Forest Map and have a ride around there. Or your GPS should have most of the major tracks on it as well
  12. I want one.
    Got a few debts to clear out first though. Very interested to hear your review as the KLE's first on my list to test-ride when I get off my restrictions (3 weeks, yay!).
  13. yeah i want one too :cool:
  14. at 2000 posts, you seem to be doing a bit of trying (or perhaps just not enough riding? :))

    Did howes track to the putty yesterday - getting a bit sandy in places but shouldn't be too difficult as a test track.
  15. Nice choice of color!!
    I thought you'd get a cruiser.
    :beer: Enjoy!
  16. it's lams approved :cool:
  17. One thing I have noticed,
    The sidestand seems to be very tall. As a consequence, I have to get off the bike pretty much in order to put the sidestand down properly, or lean the bike the to the right, then to the left.

    Unfortunately I did not quite get this right at work, as I was getting off.
    Bike overbalanced and I had to let it fall.
    These pics were taken with a mobile phone...
    That seems to be about all the damage that I could see....
    All the indicators were undamaged :D

    When I take the bike to get the bags or the 1k service, I will also get the rear shocks adjusted a bit.