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New bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hgsuzuki, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all, picked up my new weapon last night. It's a suzuki gsxr750, 2002 model. Transition so far from my zx2r has been smooth as. So much more confidence in the feel of the bike. I plan on keeping this for some time. :grin:

    A couple of pics...



  2. Congrats mate ,looks great :cool:
  3. There's a reasonable reason for the non-stock paint job, I presume? (And what does the white writing say??)

    Nice, anyway :wink:.
  4. Love the color man !
  5. The previous owner ran an accident repair centre, and decided to paint it. I thought the same thing, "yep righto, this has skated down the road", but unless they were 100% thorough, there is no sign whatsoever of a crash or any damage. The white sticker says "Motorjet Racing"< bit wank.

    edit: "Motorjet" is the company that painted the bike. My brother is a spraypainter and he can't fault it.
  6. YAY! A GSXR that isn't bloody blue and white! :p

    And congratulations on posting a new bike thread with photos in it. That's what we like to see.

    Ooh lucky it's 'lemon yellow' - Murphy's Law dictates it MUST be completely mechanically sound.
  7. wow very ... visible

    i had a yellow bike once i liked it until someone told me its canary yellow :twisted: :evil:
  8. Looks good mate, I like the yellow
  9. gotta love shmoozooki

  10. w00t for yellow bikes!! hahah.

    nice looking bike.. great work. has it got many k's on it?
  11. Has got 20,xxx km's.
  12. thats crap all!!! good work! may the roads forever be curvy, the light alway be green and car drivers grow an eye in the back of their head that they can actually see out of, cause we all know the front ones dont work!! enjoy the new toy.
  13. Here here!

    Agreed! Not going to miss you coming ... need sunnies! :cool: