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New bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kwik, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. So after a lot of internet research i finally decided on this for my new everyday bike ( gonna get in too much trouble using the ZX10R everyday.. ) the 2016 ktm 690 duke r, in my total of 26km so far i am impressed with it, the new head on the 16 model makes the motor very smooth it is hard to tell it is a single especially above 4000rpm- if you after the tech info on what KTM have done this year to tame the vibes see here: 2016 KTM 690 Duke & 690 Duke R – First Ride Review + Video
    Have ordered the ergo seat and carrier plate, looking forward to racking up some km on this bike, very comfortable ride position and well behaved little bike, and i'm liking the WP suspension in my limited experience so far.


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  2. Looks a great bike and it may surprise you with how much fun it is to ride.
  3. congrats :)
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  4. Congrats! I really like the styling on the latest Dukes. I'm sure you're going to have a blast!
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    Definitely, already enjoying it, restricted to 5500 rpm max at the moment but its a fiesty little thing esp since it only weighs like 160kg fully wet

    Thanks george o, yes they definitely look great in the flesh :)