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New Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ParkerMax, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I found this old WWII era Harley Davidson in my dad's mate's garage and now I am in the process of getting it (hopefully).

    It's a 1942 Harley Davidson WLA (about 90,000(?) were made during the second world war).

    The previous owner put the flames on the fuel tank, which is going to be replaced with the original Army green with the Allied Symbol.

    Needs a shite load of work done on it.. E.g. Needs original speedo.


    Any ideas on where to get parts/manuals?

  2. Springer seat pan and front end.....holy hell......me thinks you're gunna have trouble with parts (and mechanical expertise) here in Aus......

    Might not be worth the effort......??
  3. Google the various HD forums - plenty of advice & expertise out there...and good luck. Looks like some work
  4. Grab the motorcycle trader, heaps of ads for that sort of stuff, plenty of it in Australia, or only a click away.
  5. Fair enough........just from the photo it looks pretty spent.......
  6. It hasn't been moved for a while and was bought 20 years ago.

    Thanks for the ideas on where to look!

    BitStar it mightn't be worth it, but it'd be nice to see what I need to do to get it running.
  7. It would be so worth it.

    dunno about the army green however, unless it is going to be an original resto.

    Now if you were to get the tank airbrushed to look like a beaten up old war tank...
  8. Hey mate - you've got some nouce.....

    I'll leave this here as a placeholder :popcorn:

    I'd be very interested in the transformation - and big props if you see it through....I guess I'm just saying don't let the heart drive the head on this one.....not going to be easy, quick or cheap.....but hell, the final result would more than likely be stunning....

    Good luck mate (y)
  9. i hope you can make something of it - looks like it would be a beautiful machine with a bit (lot) of TLC