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New bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by phongus, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. ...sort of...

    My humble Suzuki Across reached 100000km (or 00000km) yesterday on my morning commute. Diverting my usually route from highway to inside roads...I managed to stop safely and take a photo of moments before the bike was reincarnated into a brand new motorcycle (albeit dirty).



    This weekend it will get some TLC :)...what a tough little 250!
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  2. Hehe, I doubt I'll see mine do that, I watched mine tick to 11111, quite a moment :)
  3. My across just die last week....104200km. Not starting caused by Carby slider..fixed... then starter motor not starting the engine. ..?

    I think it time to retire my Across.:-({|=
  4. Now sell it.

    "Sure, it's 20 years old but it's sat in the garage for most of that time as I only rode it on public holidays, check the mileage."
  5. Hahaha. It got wet yesterday hence the bit of rain spots...it's still good.
  6. wait till its got 15km on it, then sell as "barn find"
  7. I'm just impressed the tripmeter ticked back to 000 at the same time!
  8. that was semi staged. I made sure at 1000km point, I reset the trip meter back to zero. From there it ended up well :D.
  9. Oh, not so impressed now then haha :p

    For added style you should have gone for "007" :D
  10. Very good, i cant wait till my NC24 does that and it can be worth money again, only 40,000 kilometers to go.
  11. good effort getting the trip meter to 999 at the same time!