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New bike?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by pja, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    I am mulling over the options for a new bike. I want to change my Honda SilverWing maxi scooter for a cruiser. Budget and actual usage means I'm looking at something in the under-1000 cc class. I do a Ulysses mid-week ride and the Saturday morning cafe latte run each week, a small bit of running around town (Batemans Bay) and I do several 3 - 5 day tours each year.

    Given all that, I've looked at all the options and am leaning towards:
    • Kawasaki VN900 Custom
    • Kawasaki VN900 Classic
    • Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster SuperLow
    • Yamaha XVS-950 (possibly)
    • Honda Mid Concept (not due out till early next year)

    My heart says the Harley while my brain says the Kawasaki (probably the Custom).

    I was wondering if any other forum members had looked at and perhaps purchased any of these bikes recently and what their experiences were.

  2. Mate I like the way you think. I'd say no to the Harley, purely out of personal preference.
    I don't really like the Honda mid concept but out of all the scooters it has got to be the most stylish one and the least gay.

    I must say out of all the bikes you've listed I like the look of the Kawasaki VN900 Classic the best, and will be the best for touring out of the box given that it comes with a windshield and panniers as standard. As long as you can add a windshield and panniers, the Yamaha XVS-950 will be very good for touring as well.

    Just my $0.02
  3. PJA my last couple of bike were Harleys (big twins not Sportsters) but I wouldn't go for the 883. Have you looked at the Suzuki Boulevard range. I read recently that they are the most popular range of cruisers. Not sure if that is true or even what it really means but they look great and the price is right.
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    All god choices except the HD SuerpLow. Havent read anything great about it yet. Suzuki Boulevard is very popular though and the pricing is excellent. Am also hearing great stuff about the new Triumph Speedmaster. Looks pretty solid and pricing is sweet as well.

    ATM I've got a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom but when I do upgrade, I've very inclined to go for the Triumph Speedmaster. :D

    Check this [URL="]VIDEO[/URL] out.
  5. The Speedmaster was at the top of my list but recently I had a look at one and have since dropped it from my list. I agree that it seems a very good bike and the advertised price looks good. However, that's not the ride-away price. The dealer in Queanbeyan, NSW, quoted me close to $16,000 ride-away. They had an older model and the new model in the showroom; I sat on the old model first and it was quite comfortable (nearly as good as the VN900 :p). I then tried the new model and it was totally different. The seat seems to have a strange shape and its very uncomfortable just sitting on it. I wouldn't even bother taking it for a test ride. So sadly, it was scratched from the list. I also liked the Bonneville but I switched from a Honda CB900 Hornet to my current SilverWing because the seating position makes my knees ache (ah! the problems of getting old :furious:); the Bonneville felt like it would have the same effect.

    The Suzuki C-50 or M-50 ARE good bikes but I have never owned a Suzuki and seem to have some pre-disposition towards them; stupid I know but there you are 8-[ ).

    I wonder why people are so negative about 883 Sportsters; all these bikes I'm looking at have similar sized engines and power and are all basic cruisers. I will have a test ride and see for myself. It just seems odd that an 883 Sportster can be such a dog while an 800 cc Speedmaster or 903 cc VN900 can be such good performers :? .

  6. none of them are good performers.
    suzuki are popular because of the pricing.
    save more dollars and get something nice, you deserve it after owning a cb900 then a silverwing. spoil yourself with something that has a bit of soul and character.
  7. What a useful response! I can't imagine why you bothered wasting your time with such an insightful and helpful reply. I always think that if I have nothing useful to add to the conversation then I don't participate, clearly you don't subscribe to this philosophy. ](*,)