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New bike!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Rybky, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. On Saturday I trundled up to Newcastle on my KLE500 and traded it in for a 2008 Kawasaki Z750!

    What an awesome bike the Z750 is! I realised a couple of months ago when I test rode one what it was about riding that I did not enjoy .... my bike! The KLE was a great bike to learn on as it is so maneuverable and has a very neutral setup but it lacks any form of feedback from the road and the seat was so uncomfortable on any trip longer than about 45 mins. The ride up to Newcastle only served to emphasise this!

    So I am looking forward to really getting in to riding now and will get myself on some advanced courses asap to really get to know the bike and how to handle a proper road bike.

    The bike I bought was advertised at a fair price to start with, then they said that would include stamp duty and rego transfer, then they threw in $200 of store credit which I used to get a tank bag, dririder gloves, waterproof cover and some knee pads I can wear under my jeans! Trade-in price on the KLE was not bad either, sure I could have got more selling it privately but then I would have had all the hassles and stress that come with that. So overall I actually feel like I got a really good deal. And the bike is absolutely spotless, everyone thinks it is brand new, it really is that clean! Plus the previous owner had fitted crash bars and oggy knobs too, so I have somewhere to put my feet on the freeway!! :p

    Will post some pics up in an Album once the uploading feature is fixed.


  2. My bro just bought one too! You'll love it! :) Congrats dude
  3. Congrats Adam !
    Looking forward to the pics
  4. Until the photo upload feature is fixed, here is one pic that the dealer took of the bike just before I picked it up:



  5. very very nice bike mate
  6. Tidy, I'm sure you'll have an ass load of fun on her.
  7. looks good mate :)
  8. The photo upload feature appears to be fixed so I have created an album and uploaded a couple more pics, see link in my sig.

  9. Ahh very good. But it looks too clean, I hope you took it out for a ride this morning :)
  10. :eek: No way!

    She is tucked up at home under a waterproof cover, took the car this morning! :)

  11. Looks great in that colour! Nice one Adam. I hear they sound magnificant with a micron ;)
  12. I was happy to find one in blue, it does look hot! :cool:

    Probably won't be changing the muffler anytime soon, I really like the stock exhaust note and it has ECU control of a backwave pressure mechanism built in to the muffler to ensure constant back pressure even at low revs, seems a shame to throw that away.

  13. Looks fantastic !!!

    Eventhough I love my 1st gen. Z, I'm secretly envious of the 2nd generation models and their stylings.

    Any reason why you went to Newcastle for the bike ? Was it purely because there's not many Z750's in Sydney ?
  14. True story. Man that thing looks menacing.
  15. There are a few used ones privately in Sydney but I really wanted to do a trade-in on my old bike and this one was also listed at a very competitive price, so well worth the trip up there!

  16. Looks great!

    Get it out of that waterproof cover and enjoy it:)
  17. looks very kickass, congratulations Rybky
  18. Congrats, they're a horn bike :). I think they look better in person than in photos. Enjoy it mate.
  19. Told ya (a year ago...). Nicely done mate.