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New Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by penny59, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. I am still very inexperienced and inconfident. I feel I need a patient one on one tutor and, later, buddy rider.

    My new bike intimidatwes me a bit.

    PENNY(Melbourne Vic)
  2. Plenty of new riders feel like this. And some of the ones who don't only do not through ignorance.

    Just take your time building skills. Start of in a quiet street and go round and round the block practicing starts, stops and turns. Don't forget to change directions so you practice both left and right turns.

    When you feel confident about this go onto busier streets during off peak to get used to traffic. Then maybe build speed by going onto the freeway in off-peak. Finally try doing it all in heavier traffic.

    Getting a mentor is good and I am sure you will get a volunteer on your side of town.

    If you feel up to it, don't forget Tuesday night learner rides.

    Good luck. It won't be long before you will feel a lot more comfortable.

    BTW, what sort of bike is it?
  3. Hello,

    It is an XL883C Harley which is what I have always wanted but now I feel it is too much for me. I came off it the other day in my OWN backyard!!! when I got my foot caught between the gear shift lever and the foot peg.

    One, it hurt my pride horribly, and, two, it wrecked my confidence.

    I also feel I may have to go up country to practice on it now because the neighbours moan about the noise. I thought every Harley was "hot" and when the Salesman said do I want it "hot" I fell into the trap and said yes, not realizing that the majority of Harleys I hear every day are just "normal". I am thinking of getting it changed back, now, just so I can use it here around the back streets so I can build up my confidence!

    Hmmm. What a saga!

    Yes, I would love to get a mentor who is patient and can spend some good time with me and this issue. It annoys me as it has been a long time wish to get a Harley.

  4. if the exhaust note is below epa limits then the neighbours complaining has no warant. they are most likely jeaslous anyway. congrats on your bike, most riders are nervous so just stick with it and take it easy and youll end up lovin it.
  5. Mate, I think you have jumped in the deep end a bit here.

    This is your first bike and you went with a >800cc 250 odd kg bike?

    While I understand the desire to own something you have always dreamed of, I don't know if that bike is exactly suitable for a learner.

    Having said that, keep at it. You will soon develop the riding skills and start having loads of fun. It may take a little longer on that bike however.
  6. You really did jump in the deep end here. Two things:

    - Don't feel bad about dropping your bike. Yes, it damages your confidence, but pretty much everyone does this when they are learning. I came off when being too cocky at my training course (and learnt a solid lesson about not easing off the throttle and tapping the front brake when going into a corner too quickly).

    - That bike is big, heavy, and powerful. It's going to be difficult to learn on. You would be better off buying a small 250 to get confident on, and also doing a beginners training course where you use their bike (often Honda CBF250s). Once you've mastered that, you'll be ready for the Harley.
  7. Yeah, an Extra Large 883 Cumbersome Harley sounds like a big ask for a Learner - how does that fit into the LAMS system?

    Anyhoo, I would recommend putting it in the shed for a couple of months and polishing it every couple of days while you learn on a cheap 250 - (gulp) Viragos (shudder) can be found really cheap, as can other imported 250 cruiser-types - buy one until you get a bit more comfortable then sell it on to the next Learner.

    Remeber, if it's causing you problems in the backyard, what's it going to be like at speed in traffic with cars doing stupid things around you?