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New bike! (yes there is pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Woooooo hooooooo!!!!

    My 2004 GS500F! I love it! SO cumfy! Soooo much more power than my Hyosung 250!

    Got it for a bargain too! 33,000kms on her, and the previous owner polished it for me. Also got it serviced 300km's ago, AND its got 12 months rego! AND a ventura rack!

    I love the fronts on these bikes. Straight off the gixxer thou....

    Only problem... font suspension is saggy as all hell. Anyone reccomend what i can do about this? Otherwise, a sensational sports tourer which i will commute on probably forever (also needs a sports exhaust, reccomendations? I want something really loud)



  2. may i be the first to say well done.. did you end up swapping the Hyo ?.
  3. Congrats on the new bike mate...the next time we go to port campbell your top speed should be alot better than 115 :grin:

    I would suggest taking the bike to a suspension place and letting them sort it for you, you will definately need stiffer front springs...most bikes aren't set up for guys our size :wink:

    You may want to PM Loz, he had the front and rear suspension done on his Hornet 9 from memory
  4. Nah, just sold it. Bloke is picking it up tonight :)

    Cheers bammbamm, i fkn hope so! And, yeah, good suggestion. Will do that :)
  5. Pics. You has them.

  6. Nice upgrade mate :)

    Enjoy it
  7. and the picture gods were happy :dance:
  8. I wish the sun would hurry up.... i wanna go to lorne!!!
  9. Nice choice in bike!!
  10. Congratulations mate!
  11. Plenty of life in the tyres too, by the looks of that; good!!!

    Congrats. I remember reading somewhere that the GS has pretty saggy front springs, no matter what the weight of the rider, actually. So take it to an expert, spend a few shekels and get it set up for you.
  12. Congrats mate ! Well Done
    I also like the front on these bikes
  13. I remember when I had my GS and I thought I saw another one at the lights, I only realised it was the gixxer when he popped a massive mono and disappeared at warp factor 10 :LOL:

    Congratulations on the bike, you won't regret it :grin:
  14. hmm i don't have a link, but i know there are some fairly helpful threads on what springs to ungrade to here on NR for the gs500.

    I remember reading them a while back.

    Nice bike. Hope you enjoy the extra 250cc :grin:
  15. So, on that link, a "fork revavle and service" sounds like what i need. So they adjust everything to my weight and feel. You reckon thats what i need?
  16. Congrats. The gs is well known for such saggy suspension, even from brand new. Stiffer springs and correct oil in front forks will help immensely, I've heard they start death wobbling at 150+ cornering :wink:
  17. Have a look at the latest Rapid Bikes magazine. It may offer you some leads though maybe hold off on the turbo for a bit ha ha. Still the possibilities..............

    Best option and cheapest would be to have the forks professionally rebuilt with upgraded springs and valving. Will make a huge difference.

    If you buy 2nd hand forks off another bike they should be stripped and checked anyway as they are an unknown unless you knew the owner. Not to mention mounts for brakes and guards etc that may have to be modified. Ok if that's your thing The rebuild will have you riding sooner and tooling around in the garage less.

    Nice looking bike btw.
  18. Thats what I had done to the hornet. Made a big difference..... no bottoming out under brakes any more etc.
  19. heya peeps,

    grats on the bike, bit late i spose :p, just thought i would leave this link for ya. Its about the front forks, found it doing research on me future bike :p, in fact picking it up tommorrow :).


    click the first one.