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New Bike... yay

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blaringmike, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Picked up my new and first bike today. A CBR250RR. 42k kms, never dropped in excellent condition. Originally I had planned to just to down to the car park and ride around but when i got there there was a school fate on so i just hit the back roads around my house. Best feeling ever. I was with a mate who had just pick up his new 97 600 gixer.

    I found that with someone with you who's done a bit of riding everthing seems so relaxed. You feel like people actually see you. However on the way back by myself (START RANT) some old fool in a people mover decided that the form one lane meant share one lane with scared L plater on his first ride out. So after driving along side me for about 30 m's. I honked at him but he just ignored me. Then he decided he was going to turn left. So i thought my trouble was over. Oh no, decides he doesnt want to turn left and after entering the slip lane pulls back into traffic almost taking me out, lucky I was expecting the fool to do something so I'd backed off. Another honk at him and not even the slightest recognition. (END RANT).

    But apart from that it was the best day ever. Gonna go out for another ride now. Cya :biker:

  2. congrats
    pics please :cool:
  3. that's a damn fine specimen of a babyblade

    good thing the sound they make is even better
  4. Nice :)

    Was it you who paul and I met to talk about our bikes when we were down a few months ago?

    Enjoy the blade!
  5. Sweeeet!
  6. Nah mate.

    I spent the whole day riding. Got an awesome deal on gear. 550 all up. Had a mate who sold me a brand new helmet and pair of boots for $100 and went to a bike shop and had another mate who hooked me up with an IXON jacket and gloves for 450. RRP 670.

    Everything went sweet today except for when i went to the hardware store to by a massive chain and lock to bolt the bike to the garage. I went in bought the stuff came out everything was sweet. Went to look for the keys. I couldnt find them anywhere. I put my helmet on the tank and there they were... IN THE IGNITION. I feel like such a idiot. That could of ended up very badly.
  7. lol i've done that too, its not like a car where you need the keys to lock it, so you do forget...
  8. Do you turn your ignition off with your keys?

    The way i do it is i turn the ignition off and take the keys out straight away. Don't use the kill switch to turn off your bike because you will forget your keys a lot :D
  9. congrats on the new bike!! :wink: you will find that there will be many many many more occasions like the one you had experienced and a few a little more frightning. bikes are very hard to see on the road so try and always be seen (if that makes sense) :LOL: :LOL: