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New Bike!!! Woot!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doggy, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Ok finally got my hands on my new bike (well almost). A '08 1250s Bandit with ABS. I wasn't chasing the ABS model but a small local'ish dealer had a demo with 800km on it that was just too cheap to pass up. It's Silver (only colour the ABS version comes in apparently). Ride away with 22 months left on the factory warranty for only $11,600. Also got a good trade for my current trusty old GS500. I traded the GS for $3500 worth of new gear including pipe (fitted) and rack/bags (fitted), new helmet, jacket, draggins, Boots, gloves and tankbag. Saved me the hassel of selling it and other dealers were only offering me $1500 trade lol, plus I've still got a bit of store credit left to spend. Mmmmm can't wait for pick up which is in 2 weeks because I can't get time off from work before then :-(

    So with the ex gone I've got myself a new "love" lol, I hope we will spend many happy miles together and that she will be a faithful (opps I mean reliable! lol) steed.

    Thanks everyone for the comments etc when I was trying to choose a new bike.

    Cheers!!! :beer:
  2. Congrats on the new bike.. Enjoy and stay safe.. :grin:
  3. And, of course, we expect pictures.

    I've seen a couple of these recently and I must say their standard of finish and detail is outstanding :).
  4. Well done mate. I have 2000k on mine and it gets better and better.
    5.2lt/100km with bags of grunt off the bottom.
    I accidently launched in 2 yesterday. I realised I was doing 80 and hadnt changed gear!

    Edit: What pipe? Wander over HERE sometime and say hello.
  5. Thanks Hornet, everyone. Yep I'll post some pics up when I pick it up. Hey 2Wheels, You had a pillion on your's much? My new Lady friend is only 5'1" tall and 48kg's so I can't really see a drama but was wondering what your experience was?

  6. I have pillioned my daughter (50kg? Sorry Clare :) ) and I couldnt notice much difference performance wise. Steering was a little lighter as you're naturally more upright, so less weight on the bars but there was less difference on the Bandit than the RF900R which was a pig 2 up, but that may have been my setup.

    If your lady friend knows how to pillion you'll have a blast.

    My tour last week saw the bike loaded with about 170kg and it was begging for more :LOL:

    Mate, I forgot to mention last night; Use some of your change for a bl00dy radiator guard. Ours are very vulnerable. Check Rated R on eBay. Steve is very good to deal with. There are a few others around but my Warpspeed guard came from him (pix in my garage).

    Go mineral oil again at the 1000k service then swing over to full synth at the next one.

    Happy to help via PM if you have any queries.

  7. Congrats on the new bike mate ! \:D/
  8. Congrats on the new bike :grin:
  9. Ah I remember it well, the longest two weeks. Waiting, waiting...
  10. Congrats, i test rode one , great bike just too fast for me , enjoy !
  11. Ok, done! dealer is throwing on a rad guard prior to pickup. Just checking the stats again. She's a bit of a ummmm "Bigger Girl" lol. 3kg heavier than the Trumpy America. Funny, didn't seem that heavy. Maybe she hides it well.
  12. The only time you will notice the weight is when you're wheeling it around the garage but even then it's more of a height of the bars thing.

    Once you're rolling they become nimble. No effort to tip in and they stand up under power.
    I dont know where the weight is but I have never noticed.

    These bikes are very stable in cross winds which is a good thing too :LOL:

    I'm counting down with you mate :wink:
  13. These things must be a weapon. I'm jealous. Enjoy :grin:
  14. Update...

    Pick up this Sat morn. Got the dealer to get a Radiator guard in as well in response to concerns about the Bandits radiator. I can't wait! Went to Toowoomba on the W/e and drooled through a bike shop window on Sunday at a Bandit they have there. Lucky I didn't pick it up last w/e. We have had a heap of rain and a lot of the roads out here went underwater. Lots of massive new potholes etc which haven't been fixed yet and 1-2 foot of water across roads is just so not going to happen with my new Suzy lol.

    "Chews fingernails".....

    Waiting.... :oops:

  15. Update

    Pick up the bike tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! Riding 2 and a 1/2 hours to kingaroy to pick it up and then 2 and a 1/2 hours to my Girlfriends in Brisbane! I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is going to be great!!!! I'm so excited. I'll make sure I take some pics ;-)


  16. Congratulations,
    I rode a 1200 Bandit (2005) last week and it certainly had some grunt down low.

    Again congratulations

  17. Got it!!!!!!!!!

    Ok got it!!! Did about 700km on it on the w/e. Got a bit of a feel for it I think.


    Yep the glow is the reflection from my massive smile still glued to my ugly mug! The GSF1250SA Bandit just has to be the best value big bore on the market. So mild mannered that it's a dream to ride. But a real wolf in sheep's clothing when the wrist is quickly "flicked" lol. It's got well and truly enough go to easily double the max legal speed limit here in Sunny Qld in a very short period of time! Well done Suzuki, you have a winner here.. I'll post some pics when I get some good ones. I'll be doing another 800km's this weekend so should have more thoughts next week.