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New bike = wooohooo!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dirty TRiX, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Now the proud owner of a black on black TRX850 with rather loud pipes.

    :biker: :woot:

    Can't pick it up until monday arvo :( Guess I better get a good sleep sunday night, because monday night is ride time....
  2. well done mate, those twins are reported to have some serious thump!
  3. Always been a fan of the TRX850!

    I particularly like the red/black version,

    Im sure you will enjoy your new bike
  4. .. and the Trixie sounds fantastic, even with standard pipes...
  5. Congratulations!!

    They are a great bike.. I have one and am still as in love with it as the first day we met..

  6. Thats the sort of feedback you want from someone who's owned your bike for a while :D
  7. Good job mate, look forward to taking a squiz next netrider meet ;)
  8. Congratulations, great bike. Enjoy the sound of the thumping twin. Kev. :wink:
  9. I will... and I'll make sure every other bastard in a 3 block radius will as well.

  10. Noo bike

    Congrats I always like the look and sound of Trixies but coulkdnt come at the crap pilion facility.
    Prolly shoulda abought one instead of the VIFFer cos I rarely pillion anyway.
  11. Didya get the black one from the import bike centre?

  12. trx... mmmn rumble rumble..... :wink: good choice mate
  13. Well done mate. Any pics of your new toy?
  14. Not until tomorrow when I can pick it up. Then there will be piccies. There is an advertisement pic but it's pretty small, so it doesnt show much.

    The heart is thumping at 7500rpm just waiting...... Geez it'll be hard sleeping tonight.
  15. yep possessed... by an evil vengeful spirit....
  16. Yes.

    Possessed by an evil spirit.

  17. Yery much so tonight.

    Got it's first ride in anger. Even with a pillion it was a hell of a lot of fun, handled really well and had oodles of grunt everywhere.

    I remember that same feeling of "it's way better than I am" when I first got a 600 race rep all those years ago......

    Too many years wasted on commuting :(
  18. That looks damn hot - I think black suits the lattice frames.