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New bike - what kind of discount?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SuzukiX7, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Buying a new Yamaha 250 - what kind of discount could you expect from a dealer?

    What deals have you done?
  2. Well, you can expect some discount seeing as the new 2008 release are coming. Im not sure if this will affect the the 250 market as such, but im sure like car dealers they would want to move old plated stock out and bring in the new.
  3. Mmmm I was wondering the same thing, how much have dealers come down in the past?

    Eg. I'm thinking an sv650s is in order in january, probably very new, but still used. But since the new price is now 9999 + orc, I got to thinking how much I could pick up an 07 model for in january, including orc?

    I saw some er6fs for as low as 9200 +orc just from some websites, which is a pretty damn price, I wonder if that will bring down the sv price as well..
  4. That s like saying how long is a piece of string. What bike, when are you buying, where, for cash/card/finance, etc...
  5. Once you have done the deal ,maybe get a ventura rack throw in etc.

    And then they say "thats it no more " take it or leave it.

    Then you say Ok ,but throw in .
    Chain lube .$10
    Tank pretector $30.
    Wet weather pants $30.
    Tyre repait kit.$50 .

    All these things add up for you ,but cost them bugger all and for the sake $50 "cost price" to them ,they will throw it in ,just to get rid off you. :LOL:

    I got all this stuff and still asked them to drop the bike at my house ,cost $100 ,but I got it free. :grin:
  6. It's a Virago for my Mother in Law!!

    The RRP is 5999, there will be a 2k cash payment and the rest on Yamaha Finance.

    Surely someone would know how much margin the dealers have to play with, especially on a bike which has been on the market for 15 years now. These things should be cheaper than 6k? No?
  7. So after 15 years it should be what? $3,000

    It still costs money to produce :?
  8. Mine cost me 6,000 new plus on roads when I bought it in 1996 (that was after a discount).

    At an estimated inflation of 4% that comes to $9326. Thats half as much again. That $3226 is what you save for buying a bike that is not a new design this year.
  9. I reckon you're all dealers trying to justify your "no discounts" cartel. :grin:

    Doesn't look like theres many bargains out there. :mad:

    Getting 250 bux worth of gear, but other than that it looks like RRP.
  10. What area you from ??
  11. I'm in Melb - Footscray. MIL is in Wangaratta.