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New Bike (well sort of)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spadge, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. I picked up yesterday 2006 Z750 from the salvage auctions main damage to front fairing and engine covers. Hopefully I can get it going soon for not much money.

  2. What did you pay for it, if it's not a rude question?
  3. $4500.00 its 05/06 complianced with 4500km
  4. A juicy deal for a juicy spadge.
  5. Nice! Hopefully you can get her on the road soon!
  6. mmmm another Streetfighter?

    Or are you restoring back??

    Nice bike and price BTW
  7. I am going to try and get it back to as new condition as best I can there is a fair few scratches on the brake fluid resovoir a small dent in the tank front fairing as I said clutch cover has minor damage, timing cover (i think) needs replacing and RH foot peg mountin has snapped off. I am not sure if it runs yet(no oil) but I will find out when I get the tioming cover. Apart from that looks pretty good no damage to forks. Looking at the damage looks like it went over on gravel
  8. I am deciding as part of the repairs whether to change colours any thoughts
  9. Hi Spadge,

    I have always fancied a white bike, with a big tribal design across the fairings.

    Black is the new black though.

    I tend to like solid colours rather than graphics/
  10. Finally got to take it for a ride. I ordered the timing cover and put some oil in. Yeah it runs... next step I give the foot peg mount to my brother and get him to weld it up. Got it back today. I stole the plate and rego sticker off my spada just to try and keep the cops off my tail and away we go. Only a short ride keeping to the speed limit mostly. But boy was it fun I've only ridden two bikes on my spada and my dads 1988 ZX10 this kills both of them.