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New Bike! VTR1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by slideways, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. So I've been riding my CB600 for about 6 years now, and she was getting old... This is my new beast!

    11/2006 VTR1000 Firestorm with 16 000k's
    Picked it up for under $7k with 6 months rego and two brand new tyres.

    At the moment shes bone stock.

    Short term list of mods:
    Exhaust (probably Danmoto or Staintune)
    Tinted Screen
    Some better levers - the stock ones don't have much adjustability

    I've herd all of the stories about the CCT's - This model purrs like a kitten and goes great! but I've booked her in to get those checked and get a carb sync just to make sure!

    really enjoying the power of this thing, had the front come up a few times - now I just need to practice those wheelies haha!

    so now my road bike is all black - and my track bike is all white - they truly are contrasts on many levels! :)


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  2. Love everything about it!

    V-Twin power!
  3. very nice looking bike, congrats :)
  4. that looks very nice (y)
  5. Very nice! Best of luck with it.
  6. May I recommend that you put a Yoshimura exhaust on it? - The Staintunes are stupidly loud and set up a horrible cyclic tone inside your helmet.


    I would also look at upgrading the suspension, as neither the rear shock or the front shocks were ever great on the FireStorm.

    BTW, they look great if you replace the indicators with flush mounted LED's.
  7. I'll prob do indicators and fender tidy up after all the other mods are done.

    Suspension doesn't bother me too much, since it's a pure road bike for me - if I spend any money on suspension it will be on the track bike :)
  8. Love that bike. I had a Red one, only downer was a pissy tank. Always filling the bloody thing up. Loved the engine though. Sounded haute!
  9. Everyone talks about the fuel economy lol

    This one has a 19L tank... So far I'm getting about 280k's (with about 1 litre left in the tank)
  10. They always were a thirsty beast.
  11. So these were still carbie in 06 ??
  12. yep, they stuck with carbs all the way through production.

    The SP2 was injected I think.

    I looked at a few, but they were a bit old - and very expensive!
  13. That is not too bad, I usually get about 12km/L on my Superduke, usually fuel light at 180km.
  14. Nice , wrong colour though :bolt: :cheeky:

    Couple of quick tips for you , that's if you haven't already..
    Stiffen up the front by winding the dampeners down till you can see only three witness lines, and the rebound set to the plus side.
    That will stiffen up the front and stop any 'wallowing' through roundabouts and corners.

    If you go searching ebay for goodies like flush mount indicators etc, the Yanks call these puppies 'super hawks'.

    Oh and ps, your still getting used to it so not riding it hard enough yet so your fuel economy on the good side atm, once your at home on it expect 180/200 a tank, my light comes on around 150 every time :angel:
    ( yes I have the 19ltr tank )
    They also dont like to drop below 3k on the tacho either, keep it above the 3k and you'll always have pwr available at lower speeds.
  15. thanks for the tips, i'll try them out.

    Yeah the engine likes to be above 3K... I can't believe how smooth it is above 5K too... fantastic lumpy thing :)
  16. Nice. Definitely a contender for the best sounding bike ever made!
  17. I used to get 160-170 km to the light on the 16l tank '98 model. One time it managed just on 200 at an easy 100-110 kmh. I don't entirely agree that they're especially thirsty, but not being particularly aerodynamic, the range used to drop somewhat above a certain briskish cruising speed, and then the tank size could be a headache on the open road.

    Based on some fills and odo readings I was getting up to 15-16km/l with less "spirited" riding, but 2 x 48mm carbs and wind resistance did mean more thirst at a quicker pace.

    I suspect that the way a VTR is run-in from new makes a difference too.
  18. Dont listen to him, black is always the right colour.