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new bike- vfr or 800st

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rich, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Ok, I know this is the most boring question there is but hey, everyone seems to answer them. I've been riding my VTR250 for 5 years and although I'll defend it to anyone with a big bore fetish, its time to move on. (im keeping it because its just sweet for tolling round town) The choice is the BMW 800st or a vfr 800. I dont want to get into vtec discussions- or bagging the beamer contests. They both suit my riding which is
    a-short commute up the highway
    b-long commute to alexandra over the spur
    c-weekend trips up the great ocean road.

    I do all of the above every fortnight and have a girlfriend to put on the back, so tourers are the go, but i don't want to go over 800cc as I'm a fairly leisurely rider with only the occasional need for speed and a greater need for my license and my skin.
    Let me know what you think and keep it nice, last time I posted a whole heap of guys who signed up in the last year started flaming me for no reason and I'm on here because I respect the community. not for randoms to bag me out.
  2. Are you thinking of getting a new one or a second hand (or as they say pre-loved these days)?
  3. I considered both, with pretty much the same intentions. Get on and ride them. I ended up with the triumph sprint st (at the time I did not know triumph made a decent sport tourer), its just such a shame that triumph have decided to discontinue with this model.

    As for not going over 800cc, well you will find the tourers are not real quick bikes anyway. My sprint 1050 is not as fast or scary as the vfr800, but it has gobs of torque, so I can load it up and still have the power to overtake cars without having to jump down gears and make the engine scream. Compare that to something like a gsxr600 and it would probably leave my bike for dead, until you add a pillion, panniers of gear and a swag or two!

    Take a good look at the 800 and the bigger ones. The bigger ones are not as nimble, but usually have longer wheel bases and more upright seating positions and are more suitable for the longer adventures. The smaller bikes tend to be shorter with tighter suspension so you can still have some fun on the twisties. You will find yourself more likely to get in trouble with the smaller sport tourers ;)

    Go and test ride them all, big and small. If you plan to have a pillion often, then make sure they go for the test ride too. When I was shopping around a few places would only let you go up the road and around the corner, make sure you tell them that you want to stretch the bikes legs, and they will always have a longer route as backup!
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  4. Depends on what you want to spend too $$ But I would say VFR 800 > But I would say that "" :)

    test ride both and pick you one YOU like .
    If I can be of any help on the vfr don't hesitate to ask
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  5. too true. I had the triumpg st in the lineup originally but the finish was horrible, at least the one I saw in blue..thanx for the ideas though
  6. pre-loved is the go...18 grand for the beamer new!! Id rather get a Busa and spend 5 grand at the workshop on it at those prices. My budgets about ten even and there's a fair bit out there though both seem to be fairly in demand..or at least don't get sold real often. I'm planning on buying and spending a grand or so on a mechanic to make sure its up yo scratch. Up to 30 thou on the clock should be fine for both...but less if possible of course
  7. I got lucky and got a runout model in graphite! But that reminds me of something else, the trumpy I got was stolen, no immobiliser standard. Both the honda and the bmw did IIRC. My bike was replaced with a new one and this time around I got the immobiliser/alarm option which cost me another $600.
  8. From memory I think the ST is belt drive which in my mind is a big plus. I know we all stuff around cleaning chains and say its easy but the truth is if you still have to do it and if you've had a shaft or belt drive you will notice the difference and be glad to have them.
  9. I had the same problem several years ago VFR800 or hang off till the 1000 which never really came out anyway. i purchased the Sprint ST and have never looked back coming standard with the panniers it is a great touring bike and it can accelerate enough to break the speed limit :D :D You can get some great 2nd hand deals under 10K get the Panniers and preferably the 2008 or younger with the larger front vents and the raised handlebars. Even have a chat to Charlie at Turn 1 Motorcycles in Melbourne....He's The main Man for Trumphies in Melbourne
  10. Thats an interesting comment. I have spoken to 2 people who ride BMW's recently and detest the belt drive! I think that stems from the fact that in QLD you are bound to come across unsealed roads and apparently the belt drive is lacking in that respect. Dont ask my why, never really enquired.
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  11. VFR no question

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  12. thought about the Suzi bandit?? I have a Hornet900 myself and find it comfy and enough poke, unless you dont like naked bikes.
  13. Maybe its just a love or hate thing - I'm sure there are plenty that derive some sort of pleasure from maintaining their chain or perhaps there are other benefits as you've mentioned if riding on unsealed roads. Only thing I can say is that when I had my guzzi which was shaft drive I loved not having to make sure the chain was cleaned, lubed and tensioned. Shaft drive and as I understand belt drive require little in the way of maintenance and only really need to be looked at every 6-12 months. For someone that uses a bike for commuting and touring I think they are better alternatives and was something that I was substantially disappointed to lose when I traded my guzzi for the aprilia.
  14. Personally I'd take a VFR800 over a BMW F800ST, the Veefer is better finished and sounds nicer with a set of mufflers. Having said that the F800ST is lots lighter (that might not be a good thing if you and your pillion are a bit on the larger side).

    The F800ST is a nice bike, it just that it doesn't look or feel like and $18000 bike when you sit on one it's finished like a $10,000 ER6N Kawasaki which to be honest is what it sort of feels like too.
  15. I love my VFR. Does everything I want & is comfortable....& love that V4 sound.
  16. just been years on a vtr. a fairings gotta be better for wind buffet. I'm really sick of the wind...like really:nopity:
  17. damm ...I like the VFR too but I really like that slab of fairing on the beamer which looks a bit like the vfr1200 does- just clean lines....
  18. hmm ok...Im starting to be convinced..triumph or vfr.....maybe....and yeah I'm 110 kilo's at the moment due to getting addicted to the gym..while the girlfriends got an ass like two ripe watermelons ....(lol - please dont tell her) I love watermelon by the way.
  19. Lol rich. I tip the scales at 110kg too BTW, both the VFR and Trumpy move my arse with ease.