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New Bike Very Soon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ButtNuggeT, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. G'day all. Just wanted to say I went out and saw my next bike last weekend. It's a 98/99 919 Fireblade, black and silver, sexy as hell and can only improve my looks. :grin:

    Now I'm like a kid before xmas. Can't stop thinking, talking about it....I just WANT IT!!! :)

    Only had one owner, never been dropped and very well looked after. So as soon as I sell my 250 (big step up) I'll be comming down to the HBB to meet some of you in person.

    Oh yeah one last thing. How scary is it going from a 250 to a 900? Apart from taking it easy when taking off is there anything else I should know or be carefull off?
  2. Watch it when going through roundabouts, dont quickly roll the throttle on like a normal 250, you might end up in the back of a car or something off the street.

    ENJOY :) :) I just got my new bike (exactly a week ago) and loving it soooooooooo much! I know exactly how it feels to be in this position, it's soooo crazy but so fun. heh
  3. hmm, kids in candy stores, don'tya just love it???
    can't wait to see the new steed, BN, and, of course,

    PICCIES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. No probs at all. Just do it at your own pace.

    Oh, and be prepared to put away some extra $$$, cos it's gonna go through tyres ALOT faster than a 250....

    Oh, and ummm...... have fun!
    I think ur gonna!
  5. Sure the big bike wil have more grunt, but wil be heavier. I found the GTR is probably easier to ride around than teh old Z. It doesn't move off line as easily, and bumps don't affect it as much.
    Being easy with the throttle is not too hard, best to short shift (change up gears earlier) than you normally would, just to take teh sting out of any inadvertent sudden throttle inputs. The extra torque of teh bigger engine should let it pull the higher gears for you.
    At least, that's what I have found.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. It's your right hand that's in control (hopefully!), you dont have to use all that power. Early 'blades are fairly docile until they get near 3/4 revs. You can ride the torque all day and it will just purr along if you choose.

    I used to ride a first generation 'blade quite a bit, and the thing that got to me was how physically large they are. The tanks are very wide and bulky, didn't suit me at all. Good tyres are a must so that you feel confident, and will also give you trust in the bike if you can feel what they're doing.

    It takes quite a while to get used to a physically bigger bike after a 250, at least until you start to feel comfortable on it. (I'm a shortass though, might be easier if your taller and have better reach).
  7. Shattered dreams for me once again. All excitment gone. But the scotch hasn't thank god. Can not get the bike of my dreams now so I'm sticking to my little 250CBR. Good bike does not have the balls I want. Which reminds me.

    At 130Kph my CBR250R revs out to about 11000 (found out for the first time today. Is it wise not to maintain this speed and those revs for to long? Don't want to screw up the bike but want it to go faster....lol Anyone else out there got one that can tell me how fast they have had theirs and how long they did it for?
  8. Thanks Sonja for the info. The guy that was going to buy my little 250 rang today and said his mate told him not to because he is a learner and would not be able to handle the power of a CBR250...LOL...what a joke. If I can anyone can. SO, it's relisted again. One day I will learn and just be happy with what I've got. ;)
  9. No you wont!!! :p
    We're all like that mate. The grass is always greener....

    Anyway, sorry to hear the sale fell through, i'm sure you'll get rid of it eventually. good luck.
  10. i had a 250rr, and i used to sit it on around 15000 for a good 10 minutes or so up the pacific highway in the early hours of the morning, and it's run fine up until today. I won't know after today because i just sold it 2 hours ago haha. But ive been on a few trips where i would ride it for a couple of hours at a time always in excess of 10000 revs. The engine has 56000k's on it and it's still running beautifully. so personally i can't see too much harm in it.