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New bike tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jeimbo, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Howdy folks.

    New bike is due tomorrow. Suzuki C50 Boulevard. Trading my streeterised XR400.

    All I had to do today was ride to work like any other day, park it outside work like any other day and ride home again. Just like any other day. If I drop it or it gets nicked, tomorrow's purchase is stuffed.

    Decided to ride just like normal. Sydney Rd Brunswick, I am in left lane about to go past a tram. Tintop behind tram thinks they'll switch lanes.....while I'm in the spot they want to go. Have to say it's a bit unnerving having a doof-doof Skyline wanting your real estate. Instincts had me braking, downshifting and swerving left to avoid the collision. Got away in front, look round and copped a smile, wave and sorry. They copped some filthy language and a death stare.

    9.15am - got a call to go round to mum and dad's - dad had a fall and can't get up. City to Kew via Richmond and back. No incidents but more miles than I wanted to do today. Dad's right, he just can't get up by himself.

    On the way home, car reversed out of its driveway quickly in a quiet Mill Park street. I figured they weren't going to stop so braked and rode around it with horn blaring. Copped the "Whaaaaaaaat????" look.

    Got home and garaged it. All I has to do tomorrow is get the XR to Whittlesea and pick up the C50.

    Got to say the nerves are up - never used heel and toe gear change before but like anything, will be second nature before long.

    Jim M
  2. I know the feeling.

    I had to pick up the new KLE500 last tuesday so on monday I decided to leave the dominator at work and save myself the stress of riding it to my place, back to work and then to the dealer.

    I just had to take it to the dealer and those were the longest 35 Kms of my life.

    I felt like if I was riding a lent motorcycle without insurance.

    Congrats on the new bike.

  3. Just picked her up.

    Whooooaaaaa what a ride!!! Had to ride up Plenty Rd in a gale and almost got blown off the XR400. Riding home on the C50, smooth and stable. Already used to the heel and toe gears, the thing's as comfy as a Laz-E-Boy recliner. Just got to get the running in caper out of the road so I can open her up. Great bit of gear.
  4. Useless. Pictures. Etc.

  5. Hi jeimbo and welcome.

    I have the M50 and it's a great bike ,it's basically the same bike ,just different rims and fenders.
    I have just hit 6000km and it's sooooo nice and smmoooottthhh like sitting in a lounge chair ,some times i forget im riding and reach for the TV remote control.
    There a great bike and never heard any problems ,even on the USA M50 forums with 100"s of owners ,the only bad thing I hear is the seats hard on mine ,but I don't seem to have to much trouble with ,though Im doing the 3 day Alpine ride with the guys this weekend and will do 1500km in 3 days will be the test.
    Good luck with it and enjoy.

    P.S , Don't SH1T ya pants when they ask for $400 for the first service :shock:

    Cheers Sled.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Sled

    Any idea why the first service is so dear? Maybe there's a whole heap of checking adjusting and lubricating etc.

    Will be the Minister for Finance who blows the gasket!!

    Pics to follow, Ktulu......
  7. Just like Sleddog, I have the M50.
    Mine has 8000 km on it, since Nov last year), and despite hitting a few roos, is fine.
    The difference between 1000km and 8000km is amazing in terms of rideability in the gears.
    About now, you will have to be careful as to which gear you are in, seems to be a narrow 'comfortable' band.
    After 5000km, there are about 3 gears for every speed!.

    Get out there and ride it - you wont regret it!
  8. You're not wrong about the gears. I know it'll loosen up but does get hard to work out which gear to be in. Was easy on the XR.....with 15/48 gearing I was in top by the end of the intersection!!
  9. They have to check the valve clearence ,that takes an 1 hour .
    Valve check at 1000km and then 12000km ........
  10. Why do you go for the remote? is the show that boring?
  11. Not boring "cumfortable " and relaxed riding style, :cool:

    Not all of us pretend we a rossi :wink:
  12. I have the VL800. Looked at the c50, nice bike.
  13. Just saw a C50 today on the road, they are a very nice looking bike!

    Good work mate, hopefully she brings you many good times!

  14. Mate check out my garage and you can see my C50.. Will have to catch up for a cruise.. :grin: Congrats, they are a great bike.. Now all you have to do is get some chrome stuff from the states.. :cool:
    And my first service was only around $220 if i remember .. :?