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New Bike Today!!!! :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by EscapadeBabe, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    This afternoon about 2pm (pauses for effect :p ) I pick up my first road bike EVER!!!! Am well excited... and hugely nervous about riding on the road... I'm not scared of hitting the dirt or trees (grew up on a farm) but I remember coming off a pushbike on tar when young.... OMG!!! I do have a friend who's been riding onroad for years coming with me for a ride this afternoon, to hand on some tips etc so all will be sweet :grin:

    Oh yeah...Am getting a Black VTR 250, which I know is prob not considered an exciting bike by others but... for me it's more than enough (for the moment)

    Anyway, just thought I'd share cause I'm so excited :)

  2. Pfft, all bikes are exciting, and you've picked a great VTR. I've ridden a fair few bikes, from CBRRRRRRR's, Buells, BMW's and the VTR is still a fun bike to hoon around on. Just listen to the advice your mate has to offer.

    That being said, if it all goes dreadfully and it ends up in bits, I bags your rear shock.
  3. Congrats!

    Oh, and :worthlesspics:
  4. LOL - way to inspire confidence in a Newbie QuarterWit :p

    Will post the pics as soon as I get the bike... and go for a ride... and MMS my brothers so they can be jealous... and...

    Just have to get through the morning trying to work first :(
  5. congrats!!! hope to see you on the road, i ride up around gladesville a fair bit :) ... i have a Yellow VTR250, so give a nod or a wave when you see me

    get down to a coffee meet and meet some other riders! i can recommend the eastern suburbs meet in randwick, starting back up on the 7th!
  6. congrats and welcome to the fold!! as stated, 250's arent lightening fast, but you can still have a ball riding them! have fun on your new toy.

    +1 for pics.
  7. Excellent! Another set of two wheels on the road. I can feel the power base growing!!!!

    Have a ball on your new baby. It is so much fun.

    One little tip, make sure you clean your teeth.

    Your smile will be so big you want to make sure they don't have gunk in them!! :grin:

  8. awesome first bike :)
    i guess after the next few hours we won't be hearing from you until you next log in 3weeks from now from somewhere interstate Queensland needing petrol money.
    "tell my boss I'm ready to come back to work now!"
  9. Oh the suspense! PICS STAT!
  10. Congrats on the bike :grin:
  11. Congrats to you ... I'm hoping to be in the same boat as you by the end of this weekend!
  12. Congrats and if you can ride the wheels off a VTR you will be qualified to ride just about anything :grin:

    I say; Ride what you like and like what you ride. :wink:
  13. Congrats on the new bke Dee, but pictures do say a thousand words, so get them up as soon as! :wink:
  14. OK just got home (not too keen to keep riding at night yet) and have spent the afternoon trundling around trying to get the feel of the bike... and OMG does it feel good!!! :grin: Still taking it easy as it's been 15 years since i rode regularly and today was first time ever on the road... am working on figuring it all out tho

    If you were in the Gladesville/Balmain/Lane Cove or Annandale areas today I was the gal on the black VTR (C below) who kept forgetting the blinkers need to be turned off as well as on (Damn it!!!) No need to have ever used blinkers on the farm.

    I also want to say thanks, it's great to know that everyones excited for me as well


    PS - Just read the terms and conditions for posting photos... I don't know... I find this pretty sexy... there were threats about removing photos...!!!


  15. Congrats. Looks awesome, esp in black!
  16. very nice...love the pics
  17. Dam thats a clean bike! When you said new, you ment brand new hey!! Wow good for you! I hope you enjoy it for many years.
  18. Hey EscapadeBabe,

    LOVELY bike! I have a 2006 VTR250...red...and loving it!! Got my L's in November. Bike is awesome (even though I have nothing to compare it to *lol*) It looks good & feels good...

    Although I'm out in the Northern Beaches I'll be on the lookout for you!
  19. :eek: Another biker from gladesville..... so this is what its like when doves cry.. :p

    Nice bike bud :)
  20. noice!

    keep it shiny side up