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new bike today!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by monstar, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and thought I should say hi... so today I pick up my brand new Kawasaki GTR 1400... oh man couldn't sleep last night I'm so excited!! I've been on my old faithful Fireblade CBR900RR for about 4 yrs now, raked up 130,000 kms and it's time for something a bit more comfortable on my daily rides... I ride just a little over 200kms each day to get to work and back. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more posts in here and who knows anyone living in the Sunshine Coast area wanting to know where good rides are up here (and they are mostly police free routes!) might be interested in coming along for a ride???

  2. Nice one Monstar!!!

    Enjoy and post up a few photos when you get the chance.

  3. Welcome!

    Def post some pics of the new bike when you get a chance. (y)
  4. The GTR 1400 should feel like a rocket powered limo after the CBR, definitely looking forward to seeing some pics *hint hint*
  5. New bike? I can't see a new bike...
  6. hi guys, I took a few pics today and added the best one to my profile pic and avatar.. but how do you upload a few pics? sorry guys still getting to know way around this site... Anyway went on a great ride today over the ranges from Maleny to Kenilworth... very nice ride and beautiful weather all the way!!!!
  7. 1. Register (free) and make an account at http://photobucket.com/ or elsewhere
    2. Upload pic there
    3. Copy the http url address, come back to this thread click the insert image button (yellow with triangle and square on it) up the top paste the address press enter press submit reply then we get to see your monstar.
  8. Monstar,
    I'm pondering a next/additional bike...sport-touring, and have my eye keenly set on a 1400 GTR. Your pics, reviews and personal findings would be highly appreciated.
    Congrats buddy and looking forward to indeed seeing your 'monstar' !!!
    To put me out of some misery, colourwise...dark green ? (y)
  9. wow this forum is great!!!.. thankyou ResmeN for the advice! Nickers330, I'm so happy yr thinking of the GTR. I will up load a lot more pics next weekend, (sorry I am very time poor) but I did do a lot of research into tourers in my price range, I test rode the Trumpy ST sprint and the honda VFR. I probably should have tested the yamaha equivalent but I have thing against yammy's.. it's a personal thing and yeah I know, completely unreasonable but hay that's me!! The BMW was just tooooo expensive so I didn't even go down that route. So the VFR is more sporty, a little more aggressive but also chews through the juice, the Trumpy is more comfortable but lacks the pick-up. Another big deciding factor for me was everything on the GTR comes as standard, the panniers, abs, traction control, electronic windshield, eco mode, the lcd display is just a killer!!! the other 2 bikes had these as optional extras and mate we're talkin more than a few dollars here... But in all honesty... test ride and see which you like. It's funny I've been so happy with the fireblade I was very keen to get the VFR but after test-riding all 3 machines, the price and what comes as standard, I just couldn't knock the GTR.
  10. oh yeah sorry Nickers330... mate she's black, didn't like the dark green but then again my last 4 bikes have been black.... so you can take that as me being quite bias!!!!
  11. Cool !!!! Reason I asked : I examined a dark green one in person the other day. The bike itself, in my opinion, is beautiful. Beautiful lines, purposeful, great poise and presence and as you stated, standard features such as heated grips, traction control, ABS AND panniers. I was told I could be given a deal of 20k, ride away...too bloody tempting, I tells ya !!!!

    Buddy - you have my vote... I too am 'biased' with black bikes (y)

    Well done !
  12. That is one GIGANTIC can! :D Can you even hear the bike running at all?

    Very nice looking bike - love black bikes. Bet it's a lot more comfortable to ride then the CBR900?!
  13. Very nice, monstar....very nice (y)
  14. ... re pictures, don't worry about Photobucket, you can upload to Netrider direct from your own computer.

    "Go Advanced"
    click on the paper-clip
    browse to the picture
    click upload
    close the dialog window

    go to the drop arrow next to the paper-clip

    click on the photo link and a number with
  15. Nice bike, I'm looking at a tourer for my next bike
    How are you finding the 300kg of weight as I'm a little vertically challenged.
  16. Hi OldaRola, yes it is heavy but I find this a great thing as I travel just over 200kms each day for work so comfort was a big thing for me, the weight and the suspension really give you a smooth ride, really can't compare it to the CBR900 as they are worlds apart. I am 176cms tall and sitting on the bike the balls of my feet are on the ground but not my heals, so I'm guessing if you are much smaller than that it may be a bit tall in the seat. But overal very comfortable and very smooth.
  17. Hi Nucleotide, mate this thing is so quiet, when the electronic windscreen is up and I'm doing about 120k's you can only just hear the motor and the wind noise is almost gone! It's funny my neighbour used to say when I started my old bike in the mornings (CBR900RR) it was his alarm to get up for work... yesterday he overslept and was late for work, so I guess he'll be buying a new alarm now!!!
  18. the GTR 1400 i s a sweet machine. I love that you can control it easily for 60km/hr or 80 around town but let it tip on the hwy!