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New bike- TL1000R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Hicksey11, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Just purchased a nee bike a 1998 Suzuki TL1000R. The bike is red and pretty stock apart from the cans and the rims are painted black. The best thing aboit it is that it only has 9500km on it.

    I will put some pics up later today when i get home.

  2. brilliant bike!...congratualtions!
  3. pics pics pics
  4. Here are the pics:

    I have no plans to modify it as it is very original

  5. mate, first thing u want to do is get a cable and tie down the hump on the inside ...they have a very big habit of being lifted off when your on the freeway and then saying bye bye...most owners have had it done to them...
  6. hers a pic of mine..welcome to the club!
  7. Well done Hicksey.. What a find... What a bike!!!
  8. Weapon.....loooove the V twin. Enjoy=D>
  9. Awesome bikes, guys ! Reckon I may have seen you out there Moyston. Not many TLR's (that I know) floating out 'there', though yours looks familiar.
    Congrats on your mighty fine purchase, Hicksey ! (y)
  10. You just may well have seen me and always if u do im up for a wave down!...and thanks for the compliments,.
    Hicksey, i do like the red..nice!

    you may recognise me in future!..

  11. The seat is hideous.
  12. a pretty damn hot bike for its age. Congrats!
  13. have you replaced the rear rotary shock? i was looking at getting a tlr a while ago, but heard so many bad things about the suspension. apart from that looks a great bike
  14. the suspension isnt that bad. if its set right its ok, and unless your racing, its not a concern, however the main problem with it, is its to damn heavy, but in the same sentence, you can replace with a penske or bitubo,or ohlins and it does make such a difference, so chrissybenn, i do concur with you, even thou its sounds hypocritical...
  15. Thanks for the nice commensts guys. I love all TL colours but Im glad I got a red one cause it was my favourite. Moyston I love your yellow bike it also looks very original.

    I also read up on the shock but I have wanted one for so long I dont care really. My life is now complete for the moment anyway because I have one of these iconic bikes in my possesion. SO HAPPY!!!!! \\:D/

    I did see a blue and white one today about 6pm at wagga. It wasnt very loud though. sounded like it had baffles although it was a yoshi system but I dont know.


  16. red is nice, of all the tl's blue and white isnt unique..it looks like a like a gsxr...dont tell them i said that thou!, out of all the colors as well. i rekon red would be the second best color of them all..lol!
  17. My favorite bike! Congrats, i hope to join the TL club after my restricted period ;-)
  18. Very special bikes those TLR's, great purchase. I hear the heavy feeling is 'top heavy'? Awesome bikes though as a mate of mine has a red one also same year possibly also :)

    Grats again! Enjoy yourself and ride safe!
  19. Nice looking bike.
  20. Awesome bike, I've always loved them along with the SPs.