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new bike time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boxman, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Hey Folks,

    Need to pick your brains.

    I am currently looking to upgrade my bike, so looking at 2 options.

    I need to gauge opinions from this forum.

    looking at a BMW R800R & a Triumph Bonneville SE.

    Reasons for these 2 bikes are that i am short in the leg & these bike feel "right"
    I like the look of both of them

    Thanks in advance for the advise/opinions/2 cents
  2. Nice choices but have you had a chance to sit on them and/or go for test rides?
  3. Hi. Can't talk for the Triumph but I just bought myself a 2007 F800ST and love it. Why? For its nimbleness, ABS, seat height, weight, fuel efficiency and riding position.
    Coming off a TMax Maxi Scooter I also wanted the storage. BMW pannier systems are excellent IMO.
    I rode an F800R as well and for around town would probaly prefer the slightly shorter gearing but the 800 twin is very torquey so it doesn't really matter.
    If you look at an ST close to 40000km make sure you bargain in the cost of a replacement belt (F800R has a chain). I managed to do this as they are expensive.
  4. No Contest the BMW is a much more versatile bike
  5. +1 to that, I love the Trumpys but if it was my $$s I'd be on the Beemer. There was a comparison with the F800 and Trumpy Tiger 800 engines in a recent edition of Bike, the BMW was 30% more fuel efficent, better built etc (and this was a pommy mag which is normally pro-Triumph).

    The build quality is still not there on the Trumpys - I was in the market for either an M109R or a Thunderbird Storm - the T'Bird just didn't compare on fit and finish and was nearly $10K more expensive on road.

    However - Your money, your choice - ride 'em both and make your decision, if we based our purchases on logic we'd all be driving Camrys *shudders*.
  6. Hehe. Or Priuses..
  7. personally I like the look of the naked bike, but I ride a naked bike. Freeway and long hauls you'd be helped by fairing to reduce fatigue, my 2 cents worth