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new bike time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Countess, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have an opinion about the new Suzuki Bandit as a commuter and touring bike? Also looking at the Triumph Sprint for the same purposes. If anyone has ridden either of these, what do you think? I have had enough of my Guzzi Breva and wondering what to move up to.

  2. Both will tour fine, and you should go and test ride them to see which you like better.
  3. there's nothing the Bandit does badly; if I was in a position to upgrade, it would be very high on my list (and I'm a Honda nut!)
  4. The GSX1250F does it for me in a really big way!

    As a tourer, I think it's extremely good... although l'm not sold on it's touring range on a 19 litre tank though. My GSX650 has the same tank and if the first few rides are anything to go by it should have a 370km absolute limit (to a dead dry tank). I'd speculate that the 1250 would suck a bit more juice and with the same tank would have a shorter range. I'd be interested to hear what it's fuel consumption is like.

    Commuting? I'd say it's not as good a commuter as a tourer - it sure ain't going to have the manoeuvrability or economy of a scooter, but it won't do it badly by any stretch of the imagination.
  5. At the moment, I'm getting about 5.8L per 100. Bear in mind my bike is only a few weeks old and I just clocked up 1400km. The 650F was pretty reliable for 4.8L per 100
    Commuting wise, I've only ridden the bike to work 4 times, 3 of those were shift work. This morning, I happily stayed in 4th doing 100k limit. Mind you, I'm comfortable with the weight, I easily flat foot the bike. You can raise and lower the height of the seat, but so far, the default is pretty good.
  6. I've got an '07 Sprint, although it's for sale to fund a dual sport bike. It's a great bike with excellent economy. It'll easily get 400+km to a tank on a trip.

    What sort of commuting will you be doing? If you're heading into the city along the freeway these bikes are fine. If you're riding in peak hour stop/start and to the local milk bar there are better (smaller) bikes for the job.

    As for touring, the Sprint is a fantastic SPORT tourer, which means it prefers twisties to straights, although it's fine for straights. The motor is everything they say it is. It's also reliable.

    Living in Mitcham (I'm in Rowville) you're close to the hills, which is where the Sprint likes to hang out.

    I haven't ridden the Bandit.
  7. thanks all. Of course it would be great to have a tourer and a commuter, but I can only have one bike! So I'm trying to find one that would do both reliably. I've had enough of unreliability with the Italian scene. Can you tell me about servicing costs of each? The Bandit seemed to me to be a nice compact size for it's capacity, and both are fine seat height wise for me. Have you loaded up the Bandit with panniers and top box etc? The Sprint seemed a bigger presence in the shop. I'm trying to organise a test ride of each.
  8. Also, does anyone have any bad things to say about either bike?
  9. No.
    Triumph parts are solidly price, but consistent. Suzuki these days vary a bit. Some are parts are good value, but some are very Honda-esque.

    It is still possible to get a Friday afternoon special with a Triumph, but it's not like the old day. More likely to be an electronic niggle, rather than a bike with a piston missing or similar.

    The Suzuki will be more cheaply made, but considering it's next rival is many thousands of dollars away, that can be lived with.

    If I were doing a trip around Aus, I think I'd just go buy one of these, then sell it when I got back. Or keep it.

    Neither bike is going to be light.
  10. Two things. The headlights are poor for riding twisties in the dark. They're fine in a straight line though. I modified mine to be brilliant at night but have returned them to stock for the sale of the bike.

    The bike's very good at a lot of things but it's not the best at anything in particular. If all you do is tour a touring bike would give greater comfort. If all you do is "sport" riding there are better sports bikes. If all you do is commute a more nimble bike would be better. However, not many bikes will be as good at all of these things.
  11. Well, I commute to work - shift work, but I also like touring. Off to Tassie next march. I really want something reliable and comfortable and basically nice to ride. So, thanks everyone for input. I spoke to a guy on a V-strom the other day - he was very happy with it, and he also said the Bandit was "bullet proof"! Now to find one to test ride...