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New bike time (interstate ?s)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cronus, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. hey guys,
    its been a while, and been one hell of a year and so after writing off a car and having a perfectly good car i have decided to use the insurance money to buy a new motorcycle

    anyway i been looking around and as far as budget goes the CBR600RRs look the goods being that i want to spend under 10k and want as new as i can get.
    I have found a nice CBR down in my area too and the price is very good 08 18,000km 9k but because he's an airforce guy its registered in qld, i have inspected the bike and would like to go ahead but the internet is not being helpful as far as what to do any help would be great.

    on a side note as i have been looking at bikes and prices, what the deal with R6s everyone selling one wants what i would consider way more for them then what it should be given the age and when up against the price of other bikes

  2. Well I dont what state youre from but my Thruxton was registered in Vic. In NSW it is classified as an un-registered bike so to get NSW plates I had to;

    1) Get a blue slip inspection done
    2) Make sure the bike has a compliance plate or you will need a compliance plate waiver form
    3) Go to Insurance company and get a CTP
    4) Go to RTA and fill in form and give them the CTP receipt

    I think that was it!

    Hope it helps
  3. What state are you and the prospective bike in?
  4. OH yeh sorry forgot to mention that invaluable piece of information
    the bike is from QLD and I'm from VIC.

    hmmmm seems like it could be rather more expensive to do this then the standard stamp duty
  5. I imagine you could get the current owner to take the rego off the bike (subtract the cost) then just take it to vicroads with a roadworthy from vic for rego? Just leaves how to vet it to vic. Get it transported, might be some form of unregistered vehicle thingo, or use current plates then send them back up to qld?