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New Bike Thread - with pics for Ktulu!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. So it's finally here! My new CBR600RR '07 in Tahitian Blue :grin: I got it as an ex-demo so it came with heaps of goodies like Carbon Fibre bits, Micron exhaust system, pazzo's, tinted screen, oggy knobs etc.

    I'd narrowed it down to 2 x bikes - the Daytona 675 and the 600RR and I figured they're pretty much going to do the same job for me, so ergonomics won in the end . The Honda was just a more comfortable bike for me to sit on.

    F**k me it's a step up from my POS Hysoung!! :LOL: Power everywhere! I'll do a review when I get more time on the bike, but my first impressions are that this thing is completely off it's head! :LOL: I'm struggling with the whole 4 x cylinder thing as all I've ever ridden were twins, but I'll get used to it.

    Happy Days! Now some pics for Ktulu! :wink:


  2. mmm shiney
    mmmm carbon
    congrats to you
  3. meh, I'm not the least bit jealous :-w
  4. nice one. i love the goodies.

    how cool are the 07 600rr's? they are so light and flickable. sounds great when you give it a bit of stick too
  5. Yeah, the Ramair intake noise over 6000rpm is purely intoxicating =P~
  6. It all happens above 10. 10k rpm that is!
  7. Congrats on the bike Dougz!! Looks sweeeet =P~
  8. Horn bike mate, congrats. Enjoy! :cool:
  9. You've got a good ride there, Dougz.. :grin: :grin: well done!

    Give yourself some time to adjust to the bike and you'll be a very happy rider indeed.
    When the rubber meets the road and it's time to play..the 600RR can PLAY! :wink:
  10. well done mate... Enjoy and stay safe.. :grin:
  11. My name is Ktulu, and I approve of this bike and/or thread.
  12. damn that thing looks good! well done getting one with the extras - I'm sure you will enjoy it.

    I'm trying to decide between the same two bikes for when I upgrade later this year - cbr600rr vs 675 daytona...and it's looking to be a hard decision - cbr is a bit lighter, seems to have a slightly more user friendly riding position for longer rides than the 675 but the 675 has that awesome triple with torque everywhere..both handle great, insurance cost is the same...

    The reviews on this site and others are useful (Flux's numerous positive posts on the 675 have helped get me leaning towards the Triumph currently) and next step when I get off restrictions will be back to back test rides if I can manage it.

    Looking forward to hear your review/impressions after riding it for a while - especially after only riding vtwins which is my background as well
  13. Mate, hate to break it to ya, but they stole that noise from Kwaka!! :p

    Congrats. :)
  14. Mate you should try your simulcast party thread on this board and see how it goes :LOL:
  15. dougz, congrats on a hot bike. Excellent choice, i don't know a single person who is not happy with a CBR600RR. They're the business.
  16. Congrats Dougz - that is one good lookin bike!!

    I went and sat on one again last weekend - I couldn't help myself! They feel so awesome and look so awesome and are just awesome.

    Have I said they're awesome yet? :p
  17. Well found Col! It sounds pretty insane. It has a real deep howl when opened up rather than the scream that I thought it would make (like the other 600's I've heard before. The dyno chart was interesting wasn't it?
  18. Niiice bike. I've said it once and I'll say it again... I have room in my garage should you need storage space.