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New bike thread number eleventybillion!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. My Ducati S2R 1000. Picked up from Frasers last week. oh I am in lurrve.
    Gave it a good thrashing through Nasho and Mac pass on sat, she handled superbly.

    pron - wait I mean pics:



  2. very nice :cool:

    ...except those exhausts are hideous.
  3. Very nice bike, and you managed to avoid the wrath of Ktulu by posting pics. :) Dunno about the exhausts I think they grow on you, sort of retro Metropolis style. :)
  4. aaww thats pertty.bolt a pair of termi's on and your set.
  5. what type of camera are u using for those pics??? or they are not your pics?? bloody hell they are clear

    oh ye and nice bike :cool:
  6. Nice! I think you came past me along the top of the Natio actually.

    So you live in the Bat Cave? :)
  7. Congrats and enjoy :cool:
  8. those are really well taken photographs. what camera are you using?
  9. Neighbors ever complain about noise?

    Looks like some thick walls you have...
  10. the cameras an e300 Olympus. yeah it takes decent shots if you get the lighting right. The garage I took these in (the batcave) is the basement to my building :)
  11. As mentioned on SR - I love the white rims, sexaaaaaaaay :cool: . Hope you're coming to coffee tonight so I can ogle her :p
  12. I don't really do coffee. In fact I hate the stuff. Catch me on a syd knights ride on tuesday instead :)
  13. white wheels are like white shoes. all the italians where them.....but does that make it right?

    looks the business though
  14. You should try keeping white wheels clean. Its a case of every single ride means a new array of black chain gunk on your rims, no matter how clean you keep the chain. I will pull them off eventually and paint them black or gold. not decided yet. If I go gold I will need some other parts ont he bike to go in for gold paint at the same time. If you look up an s4r tricolore, they have gold wheels, suspension and frame... gurgle. so hotness.

    ok here's a pic :)
  15. Congrats !
    Very nice :)
    and well done for escaping the wrath of klutu :LOL:
  16. somehow it just doesn't feel like I have a new bike until ktulu replies to this thread?? hahahaha
  17. Well done on the purchase and subsequent photo-taking of your new bike!

    The shots are well composed, and the lighting magnificent for showing off your new steed.

    Thusly, I am pleased to announce you are not gay and nor have you wasted our time. Kudos, sir.

    In honour of your excellent new-bike-thread making abilities, I present to you this Special Ducati-Red Wheel Cleaning Device, which you will need to use on those beautiful rims after any trip on an Australian road where the brakes are used more than 3 times.

  18. ok i lol'd pretty hard there. I knew it was worth the wait. :LOL:
  19. bloody hell, ive got a olympus e300 also, remember the settings you used?? if not, u can look at the properties on the main photo, but you already knew that didnt you :shock: also what lense??

    ohh ye nice bike to :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. The camera only does half the job, the other half is composition and lighting (and then a touch of photoshop) I used the standard short range lense - though you can get much more decent shots with better lenses than the standard kit.

    Dont have the cam at present to look up settings sorry.

    I borrowed a mates realllly good nikon camera a while back for my r6 photos, now they looked the business!!!, (with no photoshop adjustments). Got to get me one of those one day.