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New bike thread #452124

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbied, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. After a long search I ended up visiting Honda and picked this up today:

    2008 CBR 600RR. I took it out to the Dandenong's today and it's such a tight package. Corners with scalpel-like precision. Brakes and suspension are amazing. Even in 6th it pulls so hard from 100km/h. The mid-range on this bike rocks. Yay.

  2. Your brake-fluid reservoir isn't black!

    Better fix that, ay?
  3. Wow, I knew they sometimes had gear, but now they've got bikes! :shock:

    Just one question, how did they fit it in that tiny bag?

    Nice bike mate :)
  4. its a honda :? ...but at least the rear right indicator works.

    looks nice in black as does everything.
  5. Beaut bike mate! Love the colour.

    (although the pedantic amongst us will insist that black is in fact not a colour, but a shade etc etc..)

    Enjoy it!
  6. Very nice bike mate! Enjoy!
  7. Way ahead of you

  8. Thanks for the replies guys! It was a really hard choice between the black/red and all-black, they both look good.
  9. Niiice.

    And people ask why they make black bikes! Because they look fcuking awesome!! That's why.
  10. Or you could have gone Blue like mine...

    Congrats mate, you made the right choice! :grin: Let me know when you want to go for a fang somewhere... he he
  11. yay!!!

    black looks nice, but it gets a little boring quick. I hope mine doesnt stay black much longer
  12. Fantastic looking bike mate! Iv been considering purchasing one of these new for a few months now, what price did you get her for if I may ask?

    Cheers Ben
  13. I took one for a ride last week and it answered a lot of questions as to why we have so many on the roads.

    I still personally think they are fugly, but have to admit it makes aavergaes riders look good!

    enjoy your new bike mate and well done!
  14. Nice! I've always like the 600RR, even before I got into motorbikes.
    Just a quick question. Is it just me, or has the rear brake light been moved from above the exhaust (the 2 or 3 rows of LED's) to part of the fender. What was the point of doing that?
  15. Easier to remove brake lights for track days
  16. Love it!

    Hope you have a blast on it.
  17. Congrats mate !!!
    Looks Great :)
  18. Thanks guys, this things so much fun! I'll take a few more pics in the daytime.

    Dougz: the bike I test rode several times was that blue/white colour which I really liked but there was only black, black/red, hanspree and tricolour in stock. I really liked the black/red but wasn't 100% sure.

    B3NKobe: I paid just a smidgen over 13k rideaway. If you want to know the dealership PM me.
  19. most places are selling them for 12k + orc
  20. Nice bike mate :)

    Of course I like the tri-color. But good choice non-the-less :D