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New bike - Suzuki GSX650F

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99sydrd, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Hi folks
    After falling in love with the gsx650f i have purchased one today, nice blue and white & I got a good trade in price for my old suzuki gs500f.

    I managed to ride the new bandit 1250s , and the gsx1400 but those bikes are rocket ships , too quick for me at this point particularly as i have only 4 weeks road riding experience i.e i was going along in the bandit at 65km/h and coming to up to a stop sign so i go to change down into a lower gear and realised i was still in first ! (scary) and the gsx was just as bad i was cruising down the road , motor was working around approx 3000rpm and i looked at the speedo at it showed 95km/h funny thing was it still in 2nd gear. I figured that buying the one of the other monsters would result in either me losing my licence or crashing it so the 650 is the go !

    Can't wait to pick her up ! Seeya on the road ! :grin:
  2. Congrats, they certainly look the business and seem very modern too. And at that price its just a bargain. Glad you chose something sensible ;) See you out there.
  3. Shoulda just turbocharged the GS500.
  4. Sensible?? if you want something sensible get a ct110... apparently their the hottest bike around :wink:... If everyone's getting them they must be sensible!
  5. Grats on the new bike. I've just gotta find a suzuki dealer with a 1250s in stock grrrrr
  6. Awesome - congrats on the new bike! Can't wait until I get off my restrictions and onto a bigger bike... :roll:
  7. congrats :)
  8. Mate its a real problem. I put a deposit down without even a test ride. I then had to wait 4 weeks for delivery. All up from first dealer phone call it was about 10 weeks which doesnt sound much but it IS!
    I was sure it was what I wanted and I couldnt be happier. :grin:
    No good if you're tossing up a few bikes though. :?

    OP congrats and they are a bike we'll be looking at when Mrs upgrades the ZZR. Post a review if you get the chance.
  9. Congrats on the new bike ,Im REALY REALY happy with my black GSXF . :grin:
    Got the first service today ,so its time to open it up abit more and get to another level on the rpm. :grin:

    I seen the blue one at the motorcycle show it looks HOT :cool: ,I thought long and hard about the colour I wanted but went with the black ,because Im lazy and the blue white would be to hard to keep clean. :LOL:

    See you out on the rides.

    Sled. :grin:
  10. Have fun sled. Keep us posted on how the bike goes now that you can ride it harder. I'm tossing up the Bandit and the 650f as the next bike and keen to know how the 650f performs.
  11. In the search ,enter ..GSX650F.. and I have done alittle review ,might do another in a bit. :)
  12. Thanks boys,

    sleddog the black gsxf looks regal, i have a navara STR 4x4 duel cab black in color, man its a biatch to keep clean that's why i went with the blue !
    Seeya on a ride day , image 2 gsxf's cruising down the hwy. We should definetly lead !