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New bike (Suzuki Across). Few problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Casso, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all :)

    Well, I’ve just made an acquisition on behalf of a friend… It’s got a few problems, but I’m still optimistic that it was a good deal.

    It’s a ’96 Suzuki Across, and you can see it being advertised on bike sales, in the wrong section, as a Suzuki GSX250 (not a Suzuki GSX250F Across). An easy mistake to make, especially as the guys English wasn’t particularly good, and he hadn’t had much experience with bikes. Hell, I only saw the bike because I made the same mistake myself when looking for an across.

    Anyway, the guy also valued it as a GSX250 (using bike sales bike valuation thing), which means he was advertising it for $1150. It had a few problems that he mentioned, and it was in Wollongong (we’re in Canberra)… But for that price we decided to make the trip and check it out anyway.

    We got there and had a look at it. He warned us that the battery was dead, and that it needed a replacement part because it was leaking oil. Unfortunately more than the battery was dead, because despite a mammoth effort we couldn’t push start it. We also couldn’t jump start it, because I had nfi where the battery was :p
    The electrics worked, because when pushing it and slipping the clutch in second the lights all came on.

    Well, that wasn’t very impressive, but Bronnie was keen to get the bike anyway (because it’s purple…lol). So I talked to the guy for a little while, and in the end talked him down to $650 and arranged to have the bike towed to a mechanic the next morning ($70).

    Unfortunately the mechanics were all booked out, so we’ve had to leave the bike there until we can pick it up next weekend. But it gives them a chance to do a major service, change all the fluids, replace the tyres, etc, etc…. But most of all, work out why it won’t start :p

    It wasn’t the battery, because they replaced that and the starter motor is turning over. I’m suspecting a fuel problem; so blocked carbs or a dead fuel pump… but I guess my reason for this post was to ask what are the common mechanical problems you would find with an Across?

    I don’t have much experience mechanically, particularly with any bikes other than my own (Yamaha FZR250). So if anyone knows what the problem might be, then I can investigate in that direction.

  2. Easy way to check the fuel supply would be to drain the carby float bowls then set the fuel tap to "prime" and see if they refill (not sure if the Across uses a fuel pump or relies on gravity feed).
  3. It's a fuel pump, there's a "tick tick tick" sound from under the seat when you switch the ignition & kill switch on.
  4. 1. idle screw ( one left fairing ) adjusted too high and flooding it ( fixed with a service)
    2. choke adjustment. (fixed with a service)
    3. carby slides ($20 )
    4. carbys need balancing (fixed witha service)
    5. Battery ($120)

    all minor things , most can be fixed with a good service.

    the across doent have many faults at all

    after a lot of K's cam chain tensioner , but other than that they are bulletproof

    send him here


    across site at twincams , they have links to service manuals etc , and a lot of advise .

    $650 for a across is a steal.
    you might find it is a combination of a lot of little things.
  5. YOU LUCKY B@$74RD!!! I just paid $4,100 for mine!!!

    I don't know much about them yet either, as I'm still very green, but they do have a fuel pump, and I've only ever heard very good things about their reliability.

    Basically unless the bike is completely trashed, you got yourself a pretty damn good deal...

    I've found the across to be a very comfortable and easy ride, I'm not left wanting in terms of power (unless I'm doing 150km/h), it looks schmicko (well, mine does, anyways!), and the boot is just about the coolest thing in the history of the universe (especially if you're commuting)... the only real complaints I have are that the fuel tank is small and that I had to buy a 250 in the first place...

    good luck with it! :)
  6. Oh



    Just got a call from the mechanic. The problem? Fouled spark plugs. It's now fixed and running.

    Suzuki Across - $650
    Towing it to the mechanics - $66
    New battery and spark plugs - $100

    The feeling you get from taking a risk and it having it pay off?... priceless.
  7. Big sh1t-eating grin? Priceless! :LOL:

    Congratulations mate, enjoy!
  8. Bugger, I thought I'd done well finding one for $1900...
  9. Good work on that steal of a bike!

    Mine was in need of TLC when I got it too, similar problems. Dead battery, fouled plugs and dirty carbs.

    After a play in the garage for a few hrs all was good :)