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New Bike: Street triple 660

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by wideone3, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. After years and months of tirelessly looking for a new bike i finally made the leap (a very expensive leap) and bought myself a Street triple 660. I originally bought this bike back at the start of september/late august but having been overseas for the past 2.5 weeks it was only until today that i had it delivered all shiny and fancy. This isn't my first bike and to be honest even riding it today I'm not quite sure it is quite suited to riders who plan on getting it as their first bike. Its an amazing bike in every way but i think the power and size could very easily create problems for brand new riders. Anyways this bike feels absolutely amazing. Coming from a klh250 (also rode dads Gs700 quite a bit so was used to weight) it was quite a big power and especially size difference. It really is pretty much a full size sports bike somehow packaged up into a LAMS machine. i haven't really taken many photos of it but have just arrived home and got a few while putting it away. One teeny tiny problem i currently have is with the mirrors. I haven't played with them a whole lot but it seems they don't provide much flexibility and i simply can't see shit all behind me except if i stretch my head and neck a bit. Any questions ill be happy to answer.
    I did modify it with a few extras, Flyscreen, Bellypan, Protection kit etc.
    Will get a full set of photos somewhen along the way that look a little more exciting and bright. 12077109_10205196931418336_14847109_n. 12076988_10205196941258582_941254368_n.

  2. Nice bike man. Have fun with the stripple, its there waiting for you, lurking in the darkness. he he
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  3. Enjoy :)

    These are nifty, I have ridden one a few times when I had my bike in getting serviced

    Much fun was had
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  4. Good purchase. You're going to love it. I actually test rode the 660 when I bought my STR3R as no R's were available to test. I thought if the LAMS version is so awesome, the full blown model must be fantabulous (and it is), so I got one. I still scratch my head that the 660 is a LAMS bike.

    As for the mirrors, they take a LOT of messing around to get right (and you have to put your dirty fingers onto the mirror to push it around). For some reason I'm happy with the right mirror in terms of vision behind but the left one I can never get perfect and have to bob and weave to see everything I want (I'm a little obsessed with always knowing what's around me so I'm checking the mirrors more than the average bear).

    Enjoy the bike. The whistle will become part of the experience (where riding anything else without it will just sound weird) and the bark when you open it up is intoxicating and you'll want to do it again and again. Then you get to the twisties and you'll truly appreciate what a magnificent piece of work the Street Triple is.
  5. Yeah the mirrors are a PITA....LOL
  6. It must be a nightmare angling them down to see your fancy red wheels!:woot:
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  7. Yeah. To be honest I didn't even test ride it I just felt like it was the one. Test rode the mt07 and although it was good something just wasn't there for me. Then I sat and rode he stripple and my face was like a box of fireworks. Yeah seems we are opposites, my left mirror is perfect but my right I can never seem to get at the right angle. I guess I'll have to play with it some more. In terms of the sound. The first time I sat on it and turned it on I kinda scared myself and questioned my ability to ride such a bike. I was about to buy a new exhaust when I picked it up (arrow or hyper flow or something) but decided against it and that I would test the stock sound first. The stock sound is amazing and opening it up (only 5000rpm as still in run in) it sounds amazing.
    Yet to take it to the twisties, been busy with work yesterday and uni today. Took it to the shops and girlfriends house and I'm planning on going for longer ride this Saturday so I'll see how it goes. Gonna be sweet
  8. image. image. image. image.
    Just a few more images I took when I got home from my ride to the shops.
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  9. You'll have to throw all that crap in your garage out onto the verge now. Your going to need room to create your man cave;- Tools, benches, beer fridge, GP posters.
  10. Yeah i wish. Parents getting a hella tonne of renovations to the house. Pretty much half our house is being 'remade' so the garage is full with a load of useless crap but parents still overseas so I'm just leaving it for now. usually theres a car where the bike is but ill work around it all. Hopefully I'm gonna have some type of work station to get down and dirty with ma girl changing her oil and filters ;) mmmm mmm
  11. Great purchase mate! I test rode the STripple when shopping for an upgrade and it is indeed quite a blast for a LAMS bike. Chose the MT09 over it for the number of(mostly subjective) reasons but still I can totally see the appeal of the Triumph. As for mirrors, my impression was it is impossible to make the stock ones work so I think you'll be better off buying a set of aftermarket ones.
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