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New bike - Spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by port80, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. After looking at GPX's, VTR's for a while I found a nice red Spada in a shop. Has 25,000kms on it. Built in 90 with 97 compliance. Straight and clean. I have put a deposit and get the final inspection this Saturday. I have spent about $1200 on equipment like Dry rider jacket pants boots, KBC helmet, gloves and a disc lock. Anything I may have forgotten or should look out for? I have been offered 3 months warranty through a 3rd party, would it be worth it?

  2. Spada is a great choice of bike. Solid, stylish, goes well.

    You should've got a black one. 8)
  3. Beeeeoooootifuuuul.... I tip the Spada as a future classic.
  4. Which state are you in? And what are the dealers rules with bike? (i.e. in NSW most bikes under a certain number of k's come with a 3 month warranty)

    And if you don't mind me asking, how much are you paying?
  5. BTW, Spada's rock :)
  6. you're not going to sell your Spada now that you're a Ducati-man are you? :shock:
  7. The spada's a top choice. I mentioned them to egiste after he complained about VTR prices and after having a look he's quite keen on them too. They were slightly ahead of their time, so still make a great proposition for a 250. Congratulations on ya new machine. :D
  8. I love my Spada and give mad props to anyone who has one :)

    My spada is a dirty, sexy little biatch and sounds even hotter with the Staintune pipe I put on her. Highly recommended if you have a spare $650 to indulge yourself with.
  9. Kaer, I'm in Vic and I am paying $3950 +ORC - so it works out to be about $4200 onroad plus 6 months rego. Not so cheap, but better than the VTR's for the same price.

    Pete, I can paint it to keep you happy :p

    Flashfire, how much / what difference does it make (apart from the note)?
  10. Will be sold at some point...off to London in August next year. And I haven't been able to persuade myself to store it till I get back, but we'll see :)

    The monster will def be sold then.

    We'll see which bike gets more use in the coming months :)
  11. Mat of mine has a Spada (Nice black one, excellent nick) which he is looking at selling shortly to upgrade to something bigger.

    He's been really happy with it & can't fault it at all.
  12. Probably more than they're worth IMO, especially given it's 15 years old. That said, if you're happy, then it's the right price. :)
  13. VTR's are by far the best looking naked bike money can buy for a beginner in my opinion.
    Honda SPADA's are fun looking too. (ahem, not nearly as much street cred as a VTR though ;)

    Port80 - Good luck with the Spada :D

    We need an Oz SPada owners club.

    Have fun on your new steed!!
  15. One of the best looking/riding 250's out there dude :D .
  16. Congrats on the new bike.. Naked bikes rule!.

    You have also picked up some nice gear to go with the bike. The only other thing I would recommend is a pair of Draggin Jeans.. I cant live without my Draggins.. I wear them everywhere...

  17. congrats on the new bike. you need to be kitted up from head to toe. I noticed you didnt mention pants or boots ?? Dont risk it !! Get it all.
  18. Yep dry rider pants and boots
  19. I've just picked up myself some camo Dragin Jeans.
    They are mighty comfy. I've also found my Gaerne boots (ST Dry) to be a great purchase as well.
  20. Is there anybody that would like to be in dandenong tomorrow to help me do a final look over the bike? Also to do a test ride, they won't let me (Learner) ride it. Lunch and drinks for anybody that can help. I also need to get it from dandenong to werribee late next week. I don't think it would make a suitable first ride, what are the best options?