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New bike set up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Spocky, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I am getting my Ninja 650L at the end of the week (2012 version) and remember being taught at the Learner course that you can alter the foot brake/gear change lever set up to fit your positioning best.

    I am wondering what else I need to set up prior to starting to ride (eg things like clutch reach, pre-tensioning of shocks (have rear preload I know about) etc.)

    Is there any advise regarding setting up a new bike that people can recommend?

    Cheers Spocky
  2. If it is from a dealer it should come wit tyre pressures ok etc. Controls and suspension adjustments that you have mentioned are the main thing. New tyres may have the release agent still on them so take it easy until it is worn away.
  3. The adjustments are about comfort and ease of control. Sit on the bike and see how comfortably the clutch lever and brakes lever fall to hand. If too high or low, loosen the pinch bolts and rotate the controls slightly. Retighten carefully. The gear lever should feel comfortable when you are wearing your boots; adjust it if you need to lift your foot off the peg to change gear so that it requires only a rotation if your foot to shift the lever. Set the mirrors and you should be good to go.

    I'd suggest that you sit on the bike and go through the manual. Assume nothing from the dealer as things can be missed (not too often but it can happen in a busy dealership). Check everything: fluid levels, tyre pressures (get your own gauge so you can do this at home when the tyres are cold and also get a foot pump), chain tension and all lights and the horn. These are your regular checks so start from the beginning.

    Good luck with the new bike. I hope it treats you well and a new bike is always fun.
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  4. Yes it is from a dealer and sort of want them to hand it over to me fully adjusted (unlike the owner ;-).

    Have gauge and also eventually want to get a service manual to read and see how to do a few things (like ongoing maintenance as it is a new bike). Are service manuals hard to get or do they come out the same time as the bike as this is a new model?

    Cheers Spocky

    PS: Thanks for the warning about the tyres CJVFR as they seem to be more of a concern than car tyres.
  5. there's not much you can adjust on those bikes. just the levers and rear sag. see if they'll show you how to adjust the chain or at least how to lube it. do you have a paddock stand and swing arm spools so you can lube the chain easily?
    to keep your warranty you'll need servicing etc to be done by a mechanic.