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new bike: Scorpio

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RacingTurtles, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. It might not be an R1, but it is a Yamaha - the new Scorpio made its unheralded entry onto Yamaha's website. It is an entry level commuter, 250cc single that will compete with the likes of CBF250 or Hyosung 250. The most interesting thing about it is the price: at only 4,500+orc it is priced at full thousand bucks below its competition!

    Now, the bike itself might not be the most exciting thing on two wheels, but I always welcome more competition and the price is remarkable. If you were in the market for a cheap runabout, why would you buy a Pagsta or some other Chinese product of dubious quality when you could get a Yamaha (probably also made in China, but at least backed by Yamaha's dealer network)?

  2. Responding to the massive boom in new riders from fuel prices :)
  3. Yamahamma have a long and proud history of making more budget oriented lines in China, so your China comment is probably valid.
    They've been making all their stationery engines there for a number of years, and also a fair few outboard powerheads. (I won't mention Yamaha's knack for copying other manufacturer's designs in the outboard field.)
    The Chinese are generally very ordinary at QC, but Yammy have obviously got strict QC in place, due to their reputation.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. whyt... well it looks like a jazzed up farm bike..... probably started out as one that they polished up a few bits..... looks like it would be easy to ride though.
  5. Hmmm, i agree with Drew. :?
  6. Jeez, dry weight of only 125kg, it might be the answer for lots of people.

    {Wonder what the resale value will be after 18 months of L/P useage?}
  7. Looks almost exactly like the 100cc 4s singles that get ridden around in India, except over there they never get above 80kph and they don't have to drag off V8's to stay clear of the traffic, so 100cc is all you need there. The Scorpio has a 223cc engine as a concession for Australian conditions.

    Overall, it'd be a very decent all-purpose bike, and it's priced right.

  8. Yeap 124kgs of chuckable madness. Makes the CB250 feel like a Triumph Bonneville :LOL:

    Seriously guys, don't doubt the damn bike. I've ridden it, and I think its bloody great. Why don't you lot instead of guessing, just go out there and pretend you want to buy it and start hooning around on it? Scorpio is nothing like a CB250 or Sachs or even those Daelim demons. This bike will sell, but the problem is that people need to stop putting the bike down before its even been judged properly. My belief is that alot of people are going to have alot of fun on these, and they are going to leave their V8's and Turbo 6's for weekend work. I know all bikes are fun to ride, but give it a go. And no Yamahaha didn't pay me to say this.
  9. Err... mate, everybody was saying good things about it.