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New bike - RG500

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jbonevia, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Well i am not exactly new to the forum, mostly a long time lurker and very little posting.

    This is my new bike, its a 1986? RG500. I bought it through a mate in Melbourne and have to get it shipped up to Sydney in the next week or so. For those of you who dont know, it has a 4 cylinder 500cc two stroke engine, they were made for a short time in the 80's along with its rival the Yamaha RZ500.

    It's in not too bad condition, the fairings have the usual small cracks here and there and the paint while good, is nowhere near immaculate, i am thinking of getting it re-painted and possibly changing the colours to the blue & white colour scheme at some stage.

    I dont know too much about it mechanically except for that it runs, parts are getting hard to find for these bikes so hopefully i dont have any major problems with the engine. I know it has been rebuilt at least once in it's life and it has a set of aftermarket pipes on it.

    I'm looking forward to getting it and taking it out for a ride!

    Here is a pic:
  2. That bike is worth a lot of money, these days. Be kind to it, and restore it
  3. It came with a lot of other spares as well, RGV forks and brakes, RGV wheels, i am not sure if i will convert it all to RGV stuff or keep it all original, either way i will keep all the original parts so it can go back to stock.
  4. Welcome and enjoy a pice of motorcycling history :cool:

    Rebuilt RZ sold for ~ $10,000 at Shannons Auction in Melbourne two weeks ago
  5. updates :twisted:
  6. Bodywork is getting fixed and re-painted at the moment back to original specs by a well known on here bike panel beater.

    Lots of other new bits to go on as well, single seat cowl, new (genuine) fairing bolts etc, new (genuine) screen.

    Hopefully will be all done and back on the road end of feb (fingers crossed). Plenty of little things to do though.
  7. Just be aware that it will smoke a little out the back and it's supposed to - it's old enough to smoke :wink:

    One lucky bugger is what you are - enjoy!
  8. updates :twisted: :mad: