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New bike rear suspension question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ShimmerBabe, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all.

    I have a new 2006 yamaha FZ1. I have already had the front
    forks lowered to their maximum but still struggle to reverse the bike on a slight incline.

    I am wondering if anyone knows whether the rear suspension will naturally drop a little over time.

    I am almost at the point of buying a lowering link from US (cost approx. AU $145) to lower the rear suspension but by the time I buy that and pay for labor I will be paying around $250.

    Any thoughts will be much appreciated!

    mimmy :grin:

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  2. No, it won't drop over time.
  3. Shimmerbabe.

    I have been riding a 2003 FZ1 for over 100,000 Kilometers and both replies are correct.

    I have spent about $2500 on my suspension over the years which is now tailored to me both for size (big) and style of riding.

    Try this site which is devoted to the FZ1 both models and I am sure you will find it a great resource.

  4. Kishy, you are a bad bad Man.
  5. Have someone who knows their stuff reduce the height of the seat foam (replacing it with better foam is the best plan), and narrow the nose of the seat so you can get your feet closer to the bike when they're on the ground. Mucking around with suspension is an expensive and often handling-compromising route to solving a simpler problem.
  6. How tall are you, Shimmer?
  7. Not sure if this helps, but I'm 179cm tall & also have trouble revercing my bike - Honda Hornet 900- even if the incline is very slight.
    If fact I've had this problem with all my previous bikes too: Kawasaki Zephyr 750, Honda CBR600F1, Ducati 748, Klx & Klr 650, KX125 & 250...

    I don't think you should mod your bike to make this easier, because it is suppose to be difficult.
    You'll spend money & probably either comprimise your handling (when you'll need it) or make the bike more uncomfortable (scalloped seat).

    you could always get off the bike & wheel it about by the handlebars perhaps?
  8. #8 ShimmerBabe, Sep 14, 2008
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    Thank you ALL for your sometimes humorous replies ;) and very practical and useful replies :D

    I think this thread has been removed since this morning when I posted it (probably not the right forum for it I guess) so I am not sure where my reply will go to??

    I am about 168cm tall and I am pretty confident on the bike now (only dropped once when slowly turning on a hill)... :? I think I may choose to leave it the way it is perhaps. I am a little scared to get off it and push it on an incline just in case the weight of the bike gets the better of me (its pretty heavy) but in time I may handle it better who knows. And.. when a pillion is on the back the bike may drop too far..

    Cheers all!

    Hey thanks Cookie. The website will be useful I'm sure :) I like your number 99, 9 is my favorite numner! $2500 is a LOT to spend on suspension - hope it was worth it huh. Anyway, thanks for your input.