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New Bike questions!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chigazz, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hey all im a new rider who has currently got a zzr 250 and wanting to upgrade to something bigger around the 600cc range and was waondering if a suzuki sv650s would be good.. anyone got any pros or cons about this bike or any other bikes that would be good to have preferably a sports bike..

  2. sv650 is still considered sporty. But its very very comfortable compared to real sports 600s.

    I'm looking at cbr600s, maybe zx6r and trusty er6. So yeah obviously I'm going for fun in twisties without sacrificing too much comfort.
  3. Yeah i was looking at the zx6r..disregarding comfort which one would be the better bike in the long run??
  4. SV650 is as "toey" up until about 5 figures, then the ZX or any other inline 4 will romp it in.

    Either SV650 or ZX6 will be more than insanely fast enough for just about any behaviour... unless of course your mates are all on Hyabusa's or ZX14's.
  5. Depends on wha you want out of your bike, there is a world of difference between a zx6 and an sv650. if your looking at the sv don't miss the er6n of f they are similar and in the same target audience. Test ride as many bike as you can and you'll know the one when you ride it.
  6. I agree with above the ER6 is a nice V twin with still a decent amount or go...but a little fragile, if u can find a pre 2003 ZX6R they are alot more crusier than the new models which are sport orrientated.
    Do u want a full faired bike with expensive insurance or a naked bike?
    Honda Hornet 600 and Yamaha FZ6 would be my pick as far as value and on going costs plus comfort.
  7. ER6 is parrallel, sv is vtwin. SV is quicker, but the er6 is probably more 'fun'.