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New bike questions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MASO, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hello
    If i buy a new bike ($11,500) would it be unreasonable to ask for a new helmet,jacket and gloves.
    If so what should i get with it.
    thanks in advance.

  2. You might be able to gouge a pair of gloves, but you'd be stretching it to ask for the whole deal, and even if you got it, what sort of quality would it be if they were virtually giving it away?

    You should budget $200> or more for a helmet, $250> for a summer jacket and the same for a winter one (you could leave that till autumn, perhaps), $150> for boots, $200> for a pair of Draggins jeans, and around 75> for a pair of gloves. There's what you would be asking if you wanted the dealer to give it away, and that's low-range but adequate gear.

    What you should ask is if you buy that gear from him at time fo purchase, if he will give you a discount on it; you should be able to get 10% off the total if you smile sweetly.
  3. A New what???
    A New 250?
    A Madas 125?
    Something in a 600???
    A Little more information on your requirements would be helpful if you want some real advice.
  4. $11,500 is pretty steep for a Mad-Ass, Jason....
  5. Good luck mate. I bought a new 650 bike $12,000 and the best I could get was 15% off gear.... And I bought good helmut, summer textile dri rider jacket, horner jeans and $700 aftermarket exhaust. I negotiated $800 off bike but that's as low as they would go. He looked up yamaha charts so they are limited on bike sales price so need gear sales to make $ ( of course they still make it on bike )
  6. I don't quite see how the type of bike they are buying would dictate the sort of discount they could hope to negotiate, nor the sort of gear they should be buying.

    Coming off at 100kph on a Madass would be equivalent to coming off a 600 Sports at the same speed (granted you wouldn't be revving the tits off the 600). :LOL:
  7. Hi thanks for the replies.
    I didnt think that the gear would be good quality but would be better than what i have = none.well my mc gear wont cut it.
    Oh and the bike a GSX650FU.
  8. Bad quality gear is hardly better than no gear at all.
    Make sure you buy a decent helmet and gear. It may cost you a bit more than you wanted to spend but if you come off your shiney new bike you will appreciate it more if you are able to stand up and get back on it.
  9. If they're going to 'give it away' to you then chances are you'll get bottom of the barrel gear which you'll soon work out that it is that or will have to replace quite quickly. If you're getting a good deal on your bike (which I presume is your first or a LAMS bike otherwise you'd already know the answer to your question) then there's little likelihood you'll get free gear.

    I think the best thing to do is to see if you can get a reasonable discount on the gear you want to buy. I don't know exactly how it works with margins but sometimes they can't/don't discount much off the bike price but do/will on gear. The overall/total package cost is what you're most interested in anyway. When looking for a discount on gear, check how their ticketed price compares to other places first. If they're on the high end of the scale then you should be able to get more than the obligatory 10% off. If their prices are on the low end then 10% is about the best you could expect. Some bike shops out there will give you 10% off because they're just nice to their customers. Bikemart at Ringwood (I know is nowhere near you but just letting people know) gave me 10% off my last purchase for no reason at all (no Netrider card shown - nothing). Their ticketed price was a already 10% lower than another nearby prominent/large dealer.

    Don't be afraid to purchase your gear elsewhere. You can find discontinued lines of most/all brands going for clearance prices if you look around. If you make a huge saving on just one or two items that way then the overall cost can be much lower for your gear even if they offer no or little discount. That's how it was when I purchased all of my gear. I got 5% off the ticketed price but the jacket was on runout (so was $300 less than the original price in the end) so the overall package was still a good price.
  10. I personally wouldn't think it unreasonable to get a free helmet thrown in.

    To get the whole deal your stretching it abit.

    But i saying that you definatly have a very good bargining tool to actually sealing the deal, if you know what i mean.

    If you have already put money down and are now trying to get gear for nothing it wont happen cause they already have your commitment to buying regardless.

    But if your going in and serious about buying a bike and are ready to sign on the dotted line and want to wheel and deal to get your gear as well, now thats a different story.
    I'm sure theres plenty of dealers out their that would throw gear at you to get you to buy a new bike and work out a great price on all your after.

    Just a hint though, dont go in and say i want all this thrown in with the bike as well whats the price?Cause they can then just put the gear pricing on top of the bike and you dont know the difference.

    Ask the price of the bike first! and ask what the best price they could do if you bought today.??

    Now you have the price of the bike you can work on the rest and if they wont give it to you, you can see what sort of deal they are doing for you.

    There is a massive mark up on all apparel so dont be fooled by their first offer bargin hard.

    Remember your the one they have to please to get a sale not the other way around, so that leaves you in control of the situation.

    Good luck
  11. Oh and by the way dont be scared to walk away and go to another dealer,they are all after one thing and thats your money for a bike sale.
    One will aventually give you what your after to make a sale.
  12. Awesome replies people
    I went and looked at the bike, very nice you can tuck your knees right up and feel part of this bike.
    I aslo looked at GS500 and 500F.
    Now i dont know which bike i want im in no hurry so i will shop around.
  13. What is "the bike" you looked at????????
  14. GSX650FU he said on the previous page...