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New Bike Question 250cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by montrey30, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I'm going for my learners next week (woohoo!) and will be getting a bike shortly after that.

    Living in VIC i'm obviously limited to a 250cc and of all the bikes i've seen i prefer the look of the naked sports bikes like the Honda Spada, Suzuki Bandit, Yamaha Zeal etc.

    I'm looking to spend between $3500 and $5500 on the bike.
    I'm a fairly big guy around 185cm and about 125kg so comfort on the bike might be an issue.

    Has anyone had any experience with the models i've mentioned and if so what are they like?

    Any help from experienced riders would be much appreciated.
  2. https://netrider.net.au/forums/search.php

    You'll find lots of talk on those models.
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  4. ...and welcome to the forum, montrey30, you'll find it a wondrous place (if you haven't already!)
  5. Thanks for the links guys.

    I'm so psyched about going for my test and getting a bike its unreal.
    I've leafed through every magazine i can find and done extensive searches trying to find anything at all which will help but no one really writes much about 250's in magazines.
  6. What sort of riding do you plan on doing? Hwta experience do you have?

    Plenty has been mentioned on all of those models recently, but as a new hornet owners i can trell i love it. I love the look of it and i get quite a few comments like "wow is it really a 250 i thought it was something huge" - which doesnt massage my ego at all, no not at all :)

    I am inexperienced as a road rider.
  7. Atm i have no experience and will probably be using the bike 60% for commuting and 40% for riding with my mates who have bikes at the weekend.
  8. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Well I'm now pushing the Hyosung barrow :grin: (hey someones gotta do it!), and would suggest taking a look at the GT250 as well...

    I have the naked GT650 which has the same frame size as the 250, its quite a big bike so it would suit your size well and being new to the market its reasonably priced.
  9. I've looked at the GT 250 but i think its a little out of my price range. Would be great to have one and the 650 is something i might consider when its time to move up to a bigger bike in around 2 years.
  10. of the bikes you've mentioned there, it pretty much comes down to looks and what you feel comfiest on. the spada and VTR will be too small for you, but hornet, bandit (95 on, not the oldie), balius, zeal should all fit fine. it'll just come down to

    a- value for money
    b- comfort (tho the differences would be subtle)
    c- looks

    they're all as capable as each other, they're all as relieable as each other, they all hold their value just as well as each other, they all get rave reviews from owners (till they upgrade :LOL: ) and they're all naked so at least your looking in the right direction :wink: :twisted:

    just go have a good look at a few and see what you think looking at them in person and sitting on them.

    but i had a bandit, so buy that, cos they're the best :roll: :p :p
  11. I've got a friend who is selling his bandit as he is upgrading to a Z1000 and he's said i can have it for $3500. Looks to be in good condition and he's going to get a roadworthy done so i know what condition its actually in.
    Leaning towards that atm but i'm going into a dealer next week to check out different bikes.

    Also where is a good place to go for Helmet, gloves, jacket etc.
  12. I am about the same height as you and I've had a bandit (pre 95 though) for about 6 months now. It feels pretty comfortable and I've been on it for up to 2 1/2 hours at a time.
    Like most 250 buyers I haven't had a lot of experience but a short ride on a spada felt a bit cramped.

    Good luck with the search.


  13. No offense, but at 125kg any of the 4 cylinder machines (Bandit, Zeal) are gonna struggle with that weight on board. They don't really start to get moving until 10k rpm, and will really struggle to get to that point quickly with that sort of weight on board.

    You would be more suited to a twin cylinder machine (Spada, VTR) which has a little extra torque where you need it. I think you'll find the twins are a little more comfy (vtr especially) than the 4 cylinder machines you mention.

    Go and have a sit on some of these bikes before you commit to the bandit (I used to have a bandit, great bike, but you'll struggl;e to find it comfortable at your size).
  14. Go for a wander down Elizabeth St, if just so that you can compare the prices at various shops. These shops can often be overpriced, but bargains can also sometimes be had.

    I'm usually happy to pay a little more for things if the service is top notch. The service is usually best from the quieter dealers/shops IMO.
  15. mate i had the same prob as you.. All those bikes are ideal. I actually had a zzr which was comfy as. Also consider the hyosung comet250
    and welcome to the forums..
  16. Thanks for all the advice guys.

    I really have looked pretty hard at the Hyosung Comet 250 but as i think i already said i don't want to hand over $5500 for a bike that I'm only gonna upgrade in 2 years time.

    I've got my learners course and test scheduled for tomorrow and Friday and then its off to some bike to dealers to try out some bikes for size on Monday and Tuesday.
  17. good luck on the course. hope you are having fun.. as for bike.. im a big bloke, 5'10" 110KG.. i got an accross and it does the trick.. sure its not a naked bike.. but it works still.

    as for riding gear.. im gunna fly the bikemart in ringwood flag again.. they are great out there (behind autobarn and A1motorcycles)
  18. Where in melbourne are you? Your local bike shop can be a great place to go visit and form a relationship with. If they know you'll keep coming back they'll often give you much better prices.
  19. I live in Brunswick so i guess the dealers in the city would be the closest, except for Sumoto which i've heard almost nothing but bad things about.

    Now that i've passed my learners i'll be checking out Peter Stevens in the city as well as a few other places to compare prices on gear and bikes.
    I can't wait to get out there and start riding. Should be great :grin: