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New Bike Prices

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Being a noob, have a question about the price of a new bike.

    How come I can buy a brand new, fully imported vehicle and have it on road for $15,990 and yet the cost of a brand new bike is the same? (Admittedly depends which car and which bike you buy etc).

    Are there more design, development, manufacturing, economics of scale and complexity costs associated with motorcycles or is it we're being ripped off?

  2. Probably a little from column A and a little from column B. Also, we are a small market for bikes and not exactly near any of the other main markets or manufacturers, all our bikes are imported.
  3. $17k will get you a nice little compact car, & an equivilent bike would be about $9K .
    The sportier you get in cars & the price mounts up, a sporty doorslammer would be about $38K up, for a comparable bike $14K up.
    Sure there’s more material with cars but it’s usally just pressed steel sheeting with a coat of paint, and the volumes are heaps greater in production runs with cars.

    Generally speaking though bikes are a ripoff in just about every way (purchase price, rego/insurance, parts/accessories, even fuel economy if you don’t include scooters) so I suppose we’re all getting duped.
  4. $15,990 on the road would buy you what, a Huyundai P.O.S.? Car equivalent of a CB250? Compare that to a high-tech european car say 80 - 100 gorillas, equivalent to perhaps an R1 or CBR1000 etc. I reckon bikes are pretty good value given the technology and R & D involved.
  5. That it :twisted:, I've had it ! I'm selling the bike and buying a Vespa :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ......ahhhhh like that'll ever happen. They can screw us because they know we'll not only take it but smile while it happens. Passion over common sense I'm affraid.
  6. I agree! Build and material quality tends to be higher on bikes because it is a bit more obvious when shortcuts have been taken.
  7. Spectre, I did say it depends on what car or bike you buy. You did partly answer my question, appears that percentage cost for R&D and technology in relation to market sale price is greater than for cars.
    Lets take something like the base model Ducati - $20-22K?, what car can I get for that? A resonable model, not perhaps the equivalent in the car world as Ducati is in the bike world but lets face it, a car for that price would have double the number of wheels on the road, double the engine size and fifty times more features.
    Not knocking Ducati or bikes for that matter, I love my bike, wouldn't swap it for a car (although I do have one...:LOL:) just interested in what drives the price of a bike in the market.
    Partly answered by yourself and Deyago, in the fact that there appears to be greater development and R&D costs, greater design costs, smaller economies of scale and smaller markets worldwide.
  8. Nodz, yeah, probably no higher R & D costs, but higher relative to the overall market size. Then you've got local import duties, taxes, etc. $20 - $22k? Gimme a Duke over a Camry any day! Didn't mean to bag the CB250 either, by the way. Got one myself! :D
  9. Nodz, yes you would have double the wheels and the power. Convert that to power verse weight ratio and level of excitement, take the ducati any day of the week. AT TWICE THE PRICE EVEN. Cars and bikes don't cost the same, thats because one is a car and one is a bike!! Case closed.

  10. I thought there was less R&D & technology in bikes compared to cars.
    I can’t see anything in the latest sports bikes that hasn’t been around over the last 5 years.
    Only time something new comes to bikes (ie: ABS, variable valve timing) is because the manufacturer has previously run it on some mass produced cars they make for a year or 2.

    Sure there are things like alloy frames & multi adjustable shocks etc which are exclusively for bikes, but that’s all bling-factor to turn over bikes in the showrooms. (not may euro bikes are alloy framed).
    Radial front brake callipers?? Wassat ‘bout?
    Bike engine outputs maybe much higher (sports bikes) per displacement than cars, but their relative fuel economy is lousy (regardless of the weight advantage bikes have over cars in power/weight ratio).
    Car engines are designed to run longer servicing intervals & are expected to last longer overall than bike engines.

    Tooling is improving with every year which enhances the finer tolerances components are now produced at, but that’s equal between cars & bikes (I’m talking engines & drive components as interiors & bodywork in cars is usually where all the slap-work occurs).

    After saying all that, a motorcycle (ie: sports bike) is essentially a motor with only the bear minimum required for go/stop/turn & a passenger, so the expectations for enhanced dynamics of bikes over cars is understandable. But any bike is still a more engaging experience than virtually anything with those two extra wheels….
  11. You may as well .. you ride it like a vespa :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Why bag scooters??? They aren't that much cheaper... or in some cases are MORE expensive than road bikes - whilst scooters haven't got up to the lofty heights of $20+ G's, a burgman 650 is still going to set you back $13-14000 and that's no bells or whistles.... a bells and whistles X9 500(piaggio) $13000 + on roads... Now picture in a years time when the popularity of scooters are even bigger the prices are going to rocket up - why? Because they are popular and like road bikes they can make $$$ off that fact! (sorry about the rant but i've just been assesing the difference in price between road bikes and the maxi maxi scooters) Fuel wise... scoots are very similar to road bikes we just have smaller tanks... (worst luck)!!!
  13. Where can I find someone to import a brand new Scooter / bike ?

    I want to buy a scooter from oversea, most chooice and better height for me!

    actually price I worked out if same same model as in here, with shipping, not much different, but I am after those models they never import here.

    Parts? not a big issue, I can get from oversea, even cheaper.
  14. scootergal76... as far as I know the laws on imports have recently changed dramaticaly!! They have made it almost impossible to import any thing in small nubers... some one is sleeping with some to get themselfs a good deal and screw every one else out of their money... The whole industry is set up to make MAX $$$. Look at what is happening with the bike wreckers... some parts are more expensive second hand thean new!!! b/w any one have a LHS handele bar for a YZF600r?? Wreckers want $60 and a new one cost $69...
  15. You, me, Phillip Island, last bike rolling :twisted: :LOL: .
  16. **[_Best/Cheapest_Price?_]**

    (whilst we are still on the topic of new bike prices)

    how do you obtain the best/cheapest price when purchasing a new bike?

    - does anyone have any tips?
    - does a cash purchase (no finance) help with bargaining power?
    - how would you broach the subject with a salesperson?
  17. !. Know the market/going prices.
    2. cash always talks loudest.
    3. Find the faults don't go wow what a gr8 bike it's perfect for what I want cause ya just bumped the price!
    4. Don't be afraid to walk away to think about it or get expert advice.
    5. Haggle every price is inflated to cover this expected part of the negotiation.
    6. Insist on a RWC if buying a reg'd bike.
    7. Pray!
  18. go and test ride as many different bikes as you can, take them for long rides if you can... make shoure that is the bike YOU want and not the bike the sales person wants you to have.

    once you find the bike go to as many places that sell that model and haggle, get lowest price on paper than go to the next one and ask if they can beet that and so on...
  19. with new bikes, there's nothing like walking into a dealer with an eye on a left over year or 2 yr old newy. Like some Blades at Peter Stevens Melb recently. They'll love to see things your way.

    Cash works with bargining.

    Ring around, get them to be as definate on aspects of price, stock, availablity etc before you run around a big city disappointed. Its good to be looking at buying stock on their floor instead of something that needs a few calls to the warehouse/distributer etc.

    Go for accessories. Free or Cost price pipes/cans, parts, gear etc are easy for them to throw in.

    A friendly approach works with bargining, even though being a tough-nut might get your point across, no one like dealing with a arhsole. Make it easy for them to give you a generous discount.
  20. Whey YOU are happy with the price you are paying, buy it. If you are not happy, keep shopping.

    Negotiation is a great skill to have in your personal kit bag. If you get the opportunity get some training in it or at least read a good book on the subject.

    Negotiating is not about screwing the other person down or "having a win" but is instead reaching mutually acceptable terms.

    A couple of tips..
    Know before you start negotiating price, what your could get, should get and must get price points are and stick to these amounts even if it means walking away.
    If the price is already on the item, suggest a better price. If there is no price on an item get them to suggest what they might consider (remember to include all onroads..)
    If you put a price to them, wait for them to come back with another offer (DON'T EVER concede twice in a row). Conversely if they offer a price, the ball is in your court to give a counter offer (they won't keep dropping the price without another offer). If they do, you are on a good thing because they know nothing about negotiating.

    Hope this helps. Most of all, keep civil, treat the person as you would a friend and 9 times out of 10 you will get a better deal